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2021.09.19 16:46 Kirsten137 Coach Season 3 Finale- Lore Explanation and Breakdown

Well, well, well. After staying up until 3am to see it (and staying up until 4am to discuss it), the Finale for Coach Season 3 premiered a few weeks ago. With a whirlwind of emotions hitting all at once, we all watched in awe as the season concluded, leaving us with so many answers and so many questions. After waiting a bit to get some questions answered, I am finally ready to help you all break this monster of an episode down. Now, let’s get to it, shall we?
Spoilers, duh.
Before I begin, one thing. For me to properly break this down, I kind of rewrote the entirety of the episode and broke the lore and easter eggs down in my retelling of it. So, there might be a lot of information that seems repeated or seems way too obvious, but all the small details in this episode lead to some big pictures, so I ask that you stick with me. And with that, let’s begin!
After being left on a cliffhanger, we open in a new (at least, to us) part of the void. We see a shadowy figure moving around, seeming to be training for something. And then there’s Tom, still chained to that pole, trying to free himself. That figure moves around a bit more before he reveals himself, introduced as, “I’m what you could be.” Donned in the black grossiposse shirt, some eagle-eyed viewers know exactly who this character is, and some know who he represents.
He is the Big Bad… for now. Although he is canonically new to the viewers in Coach S3, he has made a visual appearance once before. Way back in April, during the lore stream, this character came in and broke Harold, smiling all the while. I, and many others, had theorized that he was indeed the Big Bad, and that was confirmed in streams before Coach S3 even premiered. He makes his first canon appearance in S3E3, as he is the person who Chomas is playing chess with, and he is the character who was hiding in the shadows. But now, he’s about to get his time in the light of the void.
The Big Bad sits down and Tom frantically begins asking questions. Where is he? Why is he there? It is confirmed that yes, this place is part of the void. It was explained later that since the Big Bad has been suppressed for so long, new parts of the void have opened up, and he has taken advantage. After a few more panicked questions, the Big Bad asserts control, saying that he will not be lectured. He will not be dismissed. He’s been down there for far too long, seeing others get the chances he has wanted. The Big Bad throws the question back right into Tom’s face. Why? Why is he there? Tom obviously doesn’t know, and it shows. All the while, the Big Bad is playing this game. He starts asking the questions. After some more back and forth, the Big Bad says he is going to tell a story, because who doesn’t love those? Being incredibly precise with his words, the Big Bad begins to weave a tale.
There once was a boy with dreams, there once was a boy with ambition.
Ambition. It’s finally revealed. It may not be completely clear at first, but it’s there. The Big Bad is ambition. For those who don’t know, some of the characters in Coach and in the greater GCU represent certain emotions of a person. After all, Coach is about these characters playing their part to get the host through his life. They’re coaches, in a way. Junior is joy, Chomas is fear, Lommy is depression, and now, the Big Bad is ambition. Although Ambition’s name is not revealed, we know he does have one, and it probably will be revealed in the future. So, for now, we’re just going to call him Ambition.
He continues, saying that the boy in the story had dreams. Crazy ideas that he would just go for. Then, we get emotionally deep. Like, really, really deep. We start seeing flashes of home videos that Tom has made, and it suddenly clicks. Ambition isn’t telling a story about some random boy. He’s telling the story of the man sitting in front of him. It becomes clear to Tom too, whose eyes widen with realization. Emotionally, he begins to crack. Ambition presses forward as he begins to talk about the beginnings of Tom’s standup career and the massive opportunity that came with it. Tom is refusing to make eye contact at this point as Ambition explains how he was suppressed, saying that he pushed away the dreams. Ambition is demanding why. Why did Tom do that? Tom can’t answer at that moment as Ambition’s words are taking their toll, but he keeps going.
He starts explaining the existence of monsters in this story. We see a glimpse of Chomas, fear, emerging the crawlspace. A connection is beginning to form, is it not? The boy was told there were monsters, and those monsters are still there, even as that boy grew into a man. “A man who was afraid,” as Ambition said. The emotional cracks are widening in Tom, you can practically see it. And still, Ambition presses on, explaining how he is tenacious and adaptable. We flash to that man, Tom, performing stand-up, because he didn’t fully let go of his dreams. He could’ve pursued it, he could’ve gone for it!
But the monsters have teeth, and they don’t let go easily. Ambition is driving the knife in further, but then he seems to relent a little bit as starts to explain the early days of Packast. Surely nothing could stop that, right?
But the monsters have claws… and friends. We see Tohm appear for a second as Ambition continues to explain how the man tried to fit all of these things together. Because he was given the chance to be something more. Those who have watched Coach S1 would know the next thing that flashes on the screen- the infamous text that Tom got from Mark Murphy, although he never received it. Because the monsters have claws.
Over and over, time after time, Ambition has been repressed, buried, smothered, the whole nine yards. And now he forces another question onto Tom, who is not doing well after the emotional torture. He refuses to look at the man who is masterfully crafting this tale. Where has all of this gotten him? Alone, in the void, being repressed with a weight on his chest. Tom has just about had it. He looks at Ambition and barely gets out, “What do you want from me?” Ambition has him right where he wants him. He gently shushes him as he carefully says it’s not about what he wants from him, it’s what he wants for him. His motive is revealed when he says, “I don’t want you to be afraid anymore.”
There it is! It’s become clear over the course of this season that the Big Bad, now Ambition, and Chomas were rivals. Fear and ambition are rivals. One always outdoes the other, always. And now, it’s time for that again. The internal battle over fear and ambition, the fight that Tom and so many others have been fighting their whole lives. Ambition, the character, wants Tom to be fearless. Fearless means that ambition can be in control. If Chomas is dead, then Ambition can coach Tom through his life. And for that to happen, for Tom to get out of the void and be great, he just has to trust Ambition to get him through it all.
And how could Tom trust Ambition? Well, there’s practically an ultimatum that is revealed. Ambition pulls out Harold, wearing his cracks like scars. Tom’s face softens in understanding as Ambition hands him one last line, “Even the most broken things can be put back together.” Tom, staring at Harold, quietly agrees to trust Ambition. And then, looking at his new partner, asks what he needs to do. Ambition, knowing he has won this battle, smirks as we cut away. His greatest weapon, his words, has done it again.
Before we move on, I want to mention something. One, we see Harold again! After being broken during the lore stream in April (which was on purpose), he finally makes his return to the camera. That skull actually represents something in the GCU- the little bit of ambition that has always been outside the crawlspace. You see, Ambition has never really had the chance to get out of the void much. Instead, he has remained there for quite some time, minus some minor escapes here and there. Compare that to his biggest rival, Chomas, who has been running around the crawlspace for a long, long time. Fear has been running rampant in the mind of Tom for some time.
Another thing. I glossed over a couple of moments during this conversation. I did that because this is not my story to tell. Tom got really personal with this particular part of the whole story, and I wanted to make sure that I kept within my bounds. But, I do want to say that I agree with him in saying that this is one of the best moments in the GCU, easily. This whole conversation between Tom and his Ambition is incredibly intriguing and wonderfully crafted. Every single hidden meaning in this conversation hasn’t been found out yet, and probably won’t be until the greater GCU storyline expands. Speaking of storylines, shall we continue?
We see Springsteen sitting in a room, back to the camera. Except that this is not just any of the normal rooms, this one has orange walls. Remember what happened in a similar room in the NFC East house during the East Saga? That was where Rocky- possessed by Chomas- jumped Frederick. That room breeds fear.
Bruce rounds the corner and smiles as he sees his not-blood brother. He delivers the classic line, “Hello I am Bruce.” But, Springsteen doesn’t respond. Bruce, slightly confused, tries it again, and the same result occurs. Now concerned, he says, “Springsteen?” The poor Jets fan doesn’t acknowledge Bruce, instead just asking a heavy question, “Do you think Dad would’ve still been alive if you didn’t leave… and why me? Why did I come back?”
Woah. Chomas’ mind games have really taken a toll on Springsteen. He must be feeling survivor’s guilt after seeing his Dad die while he was just mere moments away from going himself. Besides, all of this could’ve been avoided if Bruce didn’t steal Carl’s motorcycle and ride away, right? Right? Bruce, obviously confused, asks for clarification. Springsteen turns around with a haunted, frightened look on his face. Voice shaking, he tells his best friend, his brother, that he was ready to die right then and there. Sorrow fills his voice as Bruce whispers Springsteen’s name. Springsteen however ignores him as he continues to say that maybe, just maybe, if Joe had stayed on the beach, he could still be alive. Maybe then Carl could be alive too. But no, it’s just him. It’s just Springsteen and Bruce, who tries to reassure him that none of the events of the East Saga is his fault. But then, Springsteen says the triggering line… “I’m scared, Bruce.”
The front door slams. Bruce moves back to peer around the corner, but Springsteen seems seconds from panicking. He knows exactly who is in the house, and it’s not Frederick. Bruce needs to run. But Bruce, stubborn as he is, stays right where he is, questioning his brother. Why? Why does he need to run? The two lock eyes as Springsteen says, “Because I don’t want to hurt you.”
Oh, my heart. I can’t handle this.
They both hear the footsteps approaching. Springsteen, rooted to the chair, stares at Bruce as he looks around the corner to see a man dressed in orange appear at the end of the staircase. Chomas, the man who lives off fear. He sensed Springsteen and came running to get some of that sweet stuff. Bruce has never seen him before and demands to know who he is. But, he doesn’t wait for a response as he calls for Springsteen, because they have to go, they have to-
The knife goes in. No… no way this is happening. Springsteen, now dazed, stumbles back as he stares at Bruce, who has the knife in his ribs. Clutching it, he is rooted to the spot as he looks up at his brother. A whole history flies between their stares. Bruce breaks eye contact as he stumbles back and struggles to make his way down the stairs. He collapses behind the couch, gasping for air. No way this is happening. Springsteen slowly follows him, eyes cast downwards. Chomas, taking a back seat, watches on with a smile on his face. Springsteen turns to look at him, awaiting his next order. But Bruce, oh, he’s begging for Springsteen’s attention. No way this is happening. Chomas makes a snide comment before Bruce drops the act and says to Springsteen, “Do you think it’s been enough time?”
The split second that we see Chomas’ reaction to that comment allows the shock to hit. Springsteen says that should do it, but we’re all still confused. What is going on? Chomas seems to echo our thoughts as Bruce pulls away his hand to reveal the fake knife. It was a trick, it was a trap. It’s not real. Springsteen did not stab Bruce. He isn’t that far gone. Thank goodness.
The award for the fastest mood change in GCU history goes to… the last five seconds. Holy moly.
Chomas, still in shock, tells Springsteen that he had him. How did Springsteen escape fear’s clutches? The Jets fan plainly says that someone else got to him before he did. And just as those words leave his mouth, the door slams again. In walks everyone's favorite character, Wildflower Turquoise, sword held aloft. Chomas stares at him, recognition crossing his face. He created the person in front of him. Reginald died years ago while Wildflower took him over, all because Chomas spoke to him for a few minutes in the woods one day. Wildflower says that Chomas has to remember this pointy stick, and that seemed to be the last straw. Chomas flees the room, leaving the trio there. They exchange a few comments, wonder where Frederick is, and then we cut away.
Springsteen and Bruce had set a trap, and it worked flawlessly. Those two are fantastic actors, but there were some very real elements to the series of events. Springsteen had to be extremely frightened to draw Chomas into their house, so his emotions had to be legitimate. So, the conversation between Springsteen and Bruce had to be real. Those really deep emotions were real. But, obviously, the whole event with the stabbing was not real. It was a fake knife and the two did an incredible job acting for Chomas. Speaking of which….
Chomas rushes onto the deck, breathing heavily. He doesn’t seem to notice the Dolphins fan before he says something. Danny stares at Chomas before he pulls his gun out and shoots him point-blank. Danny is not supposed to kill Chomas, but he didn’t necessarily get him in the right spot. Chomas clutches his side before he gives his shooter a nasty look and disappears. Danny got a chunk of him, but he sighs and says that he needs to learn how to shoot.
Oh, Danny. Just this one time, I am glad that you did not miss that shot. You’ll see why soon.
Chomas reappears in the woods, breathing heavily. That gunshot did some damage. He pauses to catch his breath before slowly moving forward and-- we hear a familiar sound. Chomas is now lying on the ground, in more pain, and he is starting to freak out. The realization dawns on us as a voice says, “Bear trap.” Chomas got caught by a bear trap. And that exact trap was probably set up by the person who Chomas caught just a few months prior- Rocky. The Eagles fan reveals himself to the person who destroyed a significant part of his life. The man who used him to do awful, awful things and then left him for dead. Chomas must know what is coming. He asks if Rocky is going to kill him, but another voice responds. One that is unmistakable.
Tohm, the beloved Vikings fan. Donned in his new helmet, he stares down his greatest enemy. Chomas is showing signs of definite fear now. Tohm demands Chomas to take him to the void. He needs to take him to Linda. Linda, Tohm’s one true love, the piece of insulation that helped make him whole. Chomas must sense the urgency but firmly says no because she is not there. She’s not in the void. He holds his ground as Tohm yells that he is a liar. He has to be lying! He’s looked everywhere for her, everywhere but the void. The crawlspace is getting cold because she’s in the void. She has to be there! Tohm has to be telling himself this as Chomas finally yells back, “She’s dead, Tohm!”
My heart sank when I first heard those words. I, and many others, got that prediction right, sadly.
Tohm immediately denies it. No, she can’t be dead. He’s lying. Chomas is lying. But no, he is sitting proudly at the base of that tree, saying that she’s dead. Tohm advances on Chomas. He kneels down and begins wailing on the Bears fan, grunting with effort on every punch. The viking helmet flies off. Rocky looks on with a dead look on his face. Breathing heavily, Tohm demands again that he needs to go to the void. Chomas, eyes barely open, spits the phlegm out of his mouth before agreeing to take him. And just like that, the two disappear.
I think something is made very clear in this scene. No matter the circumstances, Tohm is willing to do anything to get to Linda. He was willing to pin down his greatest enemy and beat the daylights out of him for answers. He’s willing to bring someone to the brink of death just for a piece of information. We’ve never seen the ferocious side of Tohm quite like this before. Be vary of this side of him….
Rocky is now alone in the woods. He looks around for a second (with a really smooth transition cut) before he sees Wildflower breaking through the brush. He tells Wildflower that he missed the action before they realize that they have a lot to talk about. Although, “a lot” might be an understatement. The two brothers haven’t talked to each other since Rocky was through with killing Carl, and a lot has happened since then. Wildflower did Gus in, Rocky was thought to be dead, and now they both are working together. So, yes, they do certainly have a lot to talk about.
We cut to Chomas, who is lying down in the familiar part of the void. He’s in a lot of pain. A hand is pressed against his side as he pulls himself up. Tohm is there too, struggling to keep his balance as he takes in his surroundings. He asks the question that he must know the answer to, “What is this?” Chomas responds, “Welcome to the void.” Then, a curious line is said. The void feels like a weight crushing you. Well, I guess that makes sense. If you are in a place that is made for repressed things, then you are being pushed down and away from everything. But Tohm skims over that detail in the search for his love. He begins to look around, ignoring Chomas’ protestations before a voice rings out, “She’s not here.”
He’s here, though. Ambition walks into the frame, asserting his control over the situation. Tohm immediately asks him where Linda is, but he ignores him, expressing some pleasantries. But Tohm is not having any of it, demanding Linda’s location again. Ambition’s twisted smile begins to widen as he says that Tohm is awfully focused on her. Shouldn’t it be focused on the host, Tom himself? Tohm stutters, saying that he’s obviously been looking for Tom, too! But, no, Ambition sees it differently. Tom isn’t a priority to Tohm anymore. He never has been. And now, the true colors have been shown to the person in question. Tohm realizes what he has done as Tom walks into view, refusing to look at him.
This is about to get ugly.
Ambition smiles as he tells Tohm not to worry because he found him. Tohm isn’t listening though, he’s focused on his friend. He whispers his name. Tom quietly asks him where he was during all this time. Tohm tries to explain, but Tom suddenly gives him a drilling look and yells, “Where were you?!” Tohm gives the obvious answer: he was looking for him! But, Tom isn’t having any of it and calls bullcrap. He was looking for a piece of insulation while Tom was getting ripped apart emotionally. For months. They were separated when the two entered the crawlspace. Tohm ended up with Frederick, Bruce, and Springsteen, and Tom ended up in another place. Ambition found him there, and that’s all we know about what happened to him. The only thought that must have kept Tom going is that Tohm had to be looking for him but no, no. Of course not. He was looking for a freaking piece of insulation. He doesn’t let Tohm explain himself as he says that he has never been more alone. The reason why? Him. Tohm. He caused this. He left him. He doesn’t care about him, he never has! Tohm faked being in the Packers organization and sent Tom into an ambitious spiral while trying to be the head coach. Tohm broke him when he told him that he was just a voice in his head. Tohm took everything from him once before, and he did it again. Tom stares at the bearded man as Tohm tries to get him out of the void, away from the madness. But sadly, he would never be able to.
Snap. Just like that, Tohm is gone. Ambition is not having any of this and ends up sending Tohm to where he really wanted to be in just the snap of his fingers. One of the monsters is now gone. Chomas, realizing that the situation is deteriorating fast, tries to prop himself up a bit more. He’s showing signs of fear as his rival stares him down, saying, “Now, let’s get to it, shall we?” Ambition is in control, and he is going to savor every single moment of it.
We cut to a blue sky with the sound of waves in the background. Welcome to the beach, everyone! We see Tohm, dressed in a Vikings Brett Favre jersey, laying in the sand. Tohm changed outfits between the void and the beach! There is an explanation for this. If you remember the East Saga, you’ll recall that the beach was basically the gateway to death. That was confirmed later in this episode, and a deeper explanation will come with it. Anyways, Tohm is dressed in what can be described as his, “Sunday’s best.” In preparation for death, Tohm has suddenly dressed into his best clothes… or jersey. Not every character who has gone to the beach has done this. Springsteen dressed into the jersey gifted by his Dad, while Joe was only concerned about his boys, not about his looks. As for Carl, he only cared for his family. He doesn’t need to look any better. And now we have Tohm. He slowly gets up and looks around before calling out for Tom. After a pause, he tentatively calls out for Linda. After another pause, we hear, “Hi honey!” Tohm slowly turns around as Linda, Jade, comes into view, and she calls out a greeting. Tohm is frozen in shock, like many of us, as the scene cuts away.
Yes, Linda is Jade. Linda is not literally a piece of insulation, she is figuratively one. This is all explained later. But, Linda is at the beach. That means she has died in the crawlspace and she is teetering the line between life and death, so that must mean that Tohm is doing the same thing. But, again, we must wait until later for an explanation. Let’s move on for the time being.
We’re in a POV shot. The camera is moving in the hallway toward Junior’s room. The door opens and we see Junior, lying unconscious in bed, arm hanging out. And if you look carefully, he’s dressed in dark blue. Lommy’s feeding off of him has really taken its toll, and it looks like Junior is hanging out to life by mere threads. Speaking of which, Lommy moves into the room, clutching Calvin like a lifeline. He looks at Junior and says that he’s hungry. Junior doesn’t respond, but Lommy acts like he doesn’t care. With a grave look on his face, he approaches Junior as we fade to black. Depression is sucking the life out of joy. If Junior dies outside the crawlspace, then he will be forced back inside the confines of the mind. Lommy, depression, would fully be in control. Who knows what would happen then.
Back in the void, Ambition tells Tom that it’s finally time. Tom is now staring at Chomas, uncertainty gathering in his eyes. Chomas scoffs at this, trying to push down his worry. Besides, Ambition can’t kill him! At worst, he’ll get trapped in the void somehow. He can think his way out of that. Sounding a bit confident, Chomas speaks this thought aloud. But no, Ambition has other plans. He pulls out a huge butcher knife. He stares at it lovingly, clearly making a show of it to Chomas, who scoffs again. He can’t kill him. Fear and ambition are deeply rooted emotions. That means they can feed their emotions off of the others in the crawlspace and have a few more abilities than the rest of the “normal” fragments. That’s why Chomas and Ambition can leave the void. That’s why Chomas can teleport places and move things with a snap of a finger. That’s how Ambition snapped Tohm away. They can do so much… but they can’t kill each other. Chomas is boasting his overconfidence at this point, blatantly saying that Ambition can’t kill him. But, he responds by saying, “I know. But he can,” as he looks over to Tom. Chomas’ smile is wiped away as he realizes the truth. Tom, the host, the one who really doesn’t represent an emotion, can kill fear. He’s in his own mind, so he can purge anyone as he pleases. And at this moment, Ambition is acting as his puppetmaster. Chomas is in real danger here, and he suddenly knows it. The knife is handed off to Tom, who carefully takes it. He gives it a blank stare before looking back to Chomas, his resolve hardening. Ambition steps forward and says, “It’s time to slay the monster.” The biggest monster of Tom’s mind is right there for the taking. Ambition is not going to let this chance go. As the suspense and tension grows, we cut away.
We’re at the beach again. Tohm and Linda are sitting together. He asks her where they are and she says that they are at the last stop. Tohm asks the meaning of this, but we know. They are at the last stop before the beyond, the last stop before death. The beach isn’t limbo, it’s just a stepping stone in life. Tohm obviously does not want to go to the beyond quite yet, so he says that they could get out of there and go back. But, Linda can’t. She’s reached the point of no return, she’s too far gone. Nothing Tohm can do can stop it. He’s in denial, but he’s slowly beginning to realize that nothing can be done. She’s gone. After a moment, Tohm tells her that he is going to stay on the beach with her. Linda immediately says that no, he can’t. Tom needs his help. Again, Tohm is in denial. He says he messed everything up, and that Tom doesn’t care for him anymore. She contradicts his statement, saying that Tom needs him now more than ever. Tohm pauses before saying that he can’t do this without her, but she, once again, says the opposite. She grabs his hand and asks him to sit with her, and the two share a moment of silence as they take in their surroundings.
No, my eyes aren’t tearing up! They’re… uh… just leaking water! That’s all!
The duo sits together for a few more moments, delaying the inevitable. Tohm finally breaks the silence to tell her that he should’ve been there in her final moments. He could’ve saved her from Chomas. But, wait. Linda says that it wasn’t Chomas who did her in. Tohm is confused by this for a second before he realizes who did it, and it clicked for me at the same moment.
Ambition killed Linda.
No wonder Chomas freaked out when it first started getting a bit cold in the void. He didn’t know what happened, but his hunch was correct way back in S3E3. We’ll see the aftermath of that in a little bit. When Tohm processed this, he finally realized that he needed to get back to warn Tom. Tom needs him, especially since the last time Tohm saw him, he was being used by Ambition. He needs to get back… but he can’t leave Linda there alone. He asks her if he can come back, but Linda sadly shakes her head. He asks why, and she says that he has to be the insulation now.
The insulation. We aren’t talking about the stuff that keeps the warmth in your house, we’re talking about the things that hold a person together. The insulation unites everyone, ensuring that nothing completely terrible can happen. Everyone in the crawlspace is protected, in a way, by the insulation. Linda played this role for a long, long time. But now, that’s Tohm’s job. Most likely, the only way for him to truly take that job is if he gets off the beach. But, as of right now, Tohm has no idea how to do that.
Linda assures Tohm that she is going to be okay, and he will too. Tohm, still shuffling through his emotions, tells Linda that he loves her. She responds with, “That’s who you are.” And then, another piece of the puzzle is clicked into place.
Tohm represents love. Another character has their defining emotion.
Tohm is slightly confused by this statement, and a pause ensues in the conversation. Linda must know that she is near the end because she tears up as she says, “I love you too.” Tohm takes in the moment, saying that it is really pretty there. He looks towards Linda… but she isn’t there. He calls for her as he looks around, but he quickly realizes that she’s truly gone. He places his hand on the spot in the grass that, just moments ago, Linda’s hand was. Fighting back tears, he pulls his legs to his chest as he tries to process the loss of the love of his life. The camera lingers on Tohm as his heart breaks.
There wasn’t a dry eye in the chat when this happened. Wow… just wow.
Because Linda was the insulation and now that she is gone, that means that every single person connected to the crawlspace would feel her death. And yes, all the characters did. Wildflower had to lean against the shed, and he dropped his sword in shock. Rocky braced himself against a tree. Springsteen leaned against a wall, sounding scared as he quietly called out for Bruce. And then we finally get a glimpse of Frederick, crown in hand, exiting the house through the back door. He suddenly feels the loss of Linda, but he doesn’t know what it signifies. Remember, he has just only “woken up." He doesn’t know that he lives in a crawlspace, but he does know that he isn’t a normal person. He’s going to search for answers alone so he doesn’t hurt his family. He leaves his crown on the doorknob as a sign that he’s gone. Besides, Frederick can’t be distracted by a crown right now. He looks determined as he walks away. This is definitely a storyline to keep track of as the GCU moves forward.
Now, we cut to the void. Chomas and Ambition feel the presence of Linda slip away, and they lock eyes. They both know exactly what has just happened. Tom, however, does not. He falls to his knees, dropping the knife. The loss obviously has taken a larger toll on him, just like Tohm. Breathing heavily, he asks what is happening. Still clutching his chest, Ambition tells Tom to get back up. But Chomas adds his voice in, asking Ambition to tell Tom what he did to her, and he found. And then, we flash back to Chomas leaving a house with a blank look on his face. The questionable shot from S3E3. I theorized that Chomas killed Linda at the moment before that scene, but now it’s clear. He discovered that Linda died mere moments before that. Oh, and as another detail, that place that Chomas found Linda in was the place that she and Tohm shared. This is a heartbreaking puzzle….
Ambition tells Tom to get up again, but Chomas yells, “Tell him!” Ambition does not tell him, but instead justifies his actions, saying that he did nothing that Chomas would have done, because he has so much blood on his hands. But Chomas shoots back saying that he did it all for Tom. Fear is the reason he survives, while Ambition wants him to live. What an incredible set of quotes.
The motives are clear, lines are drawn in the sand. Tom must know this too, hearing these two arguing over the control of his life. He has recovered from the initial shock over the loss of Linda. The blade of the knife scraps against the floor as Tom picks it and himself up off of it. Ambition notices this and tells Chomas that he had his chance to take control, over and over. Chomas said he did plenty, and that if Tom would just understand that if he was in control, he would be completely safe! Nothing else would get in the way this time.
Chomas is begging. He’s begging for his life. Tom isn’t having any of it. He slowly begins walking towards Chomas, face unreadable. He kneels down in front of him. That shot is identical to Chomas leaning down in front of Tohm during S2E1. Stories rhyme, do they not? Ambition is looking on as Tom shushes Chomas and plunges the knife in.
The Bears fan looks down at the blade, knowing there is absolutely nothing he can do to get out of this one. He loses his grip on his life and the handle holding him up, slipping down. Tom stumbles back, realizing the weight of what he had just done. Ambition has an insane smile on his face as he is clearly savoring every moment. Chomas, sensing the end, whispers to Tom, “Just wait and see what I have planned for us.” Then, we see what Chomas has been planning- a reality TV show revolving around the NFC and AFC West. There is a cut between all the characters who received an invite- Jerry, Breck, Diego, Grandpa Cardinal (Eugene), Mack, and Gavin. Notice how Louis and Lenny are left out?
Chomas has a small smile on his face as he fades away, breathing out, “All we have to fear… is fear.” He slumps over and dies. Fear is dead.
Tom is starting on in absolute horror of what he has done. He just killed fear. He is now fearless. Taking a moment to somewhat gather himself, he turns to Ambition, awaiting his next orders. Ambition responds, “Freedom.” And we cut away.
Well, Tom and Tohm went into the crawlspace to rid themselves of Chomas, the character who caused them both so much pain. But now, we are suddenly realizing the consequences of this. If fear is dead, then ambition can run wild. Ambition can be good, but unchecked, it can be extremely dangerous, as we will find out in a second.
The video does a bit of jumping around now, so stick with me. Lommy is on our screen, sitting at the desk, holding Calvin. We hear a knocking from the crawlspace. We know that the Packers chant knock is the sign that Tom is on the other side of the crawlspace doors. But, Lommy doesn’t know that, or he has chosen to ignore that. He opens the doors, backing away from them. We see Tom get out of the crawlspace, donned in the grossiposse jersey, and… no, that shirt underneath means nothing, right? Lommy looks on, and we cut away.
We’re in the future now. Junior is stirring every so slightly in bed. His eyes flutter open to the sight of his Dad, Tom, watching over him. He whispers, “Dad? How did yo….” He can’t finish the sentence. But Tom got the message. He tells Junior that it’s okay, he just needs to rest. It’s all going to be okay. Junior agrees and falls right back asleep, with a small smile on his face. Seemingly satisfied, Tom makes his way out of the room, locking eyes with himself in the mirror for a split second. Now, it’s time we do a lot of jumping around.
We flash back and forth between the past Lommy and the present Tom. Tom is walking down the hallway, using a back-POV shot that is reminiscent of the S1 Finale. Tom moves up the stairs and makes his way outside. He stops on the porch and begins surveying the front yard.
We cut back to the past and we see Calvin fall from Lommy’s grasp. We can’t see it in the frame, but Ambition actually broke Lommy’s neck right then and there. These two characters actually have had an off-screen relationship. Ambition invited Lommy to play chess with him after Chomas stormed off in S3E3. Apparently, during that conversation, Ambition laid out an entire plan to Lommy. When they got the chance, Lommy would get out of the crawlspace and he would try to get in control of Junior, joy. Since Junior is the only one who knows about the Packers-knock that signals that Tom or Tohm is trying to get out of the crawlspace, Ambition needs Junior out of the equation if he is going to take control. Lommy is the perfect weapon for this. He would try to feed off of Junior, sucking his joy and life away. Risking him dying, yes, but I’m sure Ambition was confident that Lommy wouldn’t fully kill Junior. Once that happened, Ambition would find his way out into the real world, take care of Lommy, and then nurse Junior back to health, making sure that he is reliant on him. That way, Ambition would be in control. That’s why after Lommy got forced back into the crawlspace, Junior started to slowly regain consciousness. So, that makes sense, but why did Tom come out of the crawlspace? Well, hang on a second.
We see Tom on the porch before we see him shoving something into the crawlspace and slamming the door shut. Lommy is now gone. Tom then takes in his surroundings, admiring all the Packers gear and realizing just where he is. He sits down, still in awe. But then, he takes out something. Harold. That little bit of ambition. He places Harold in his rightful place on the desk and sits back. We jump back to the present to see Tom begin to take off the jersey before we jump back again.
Lommy is now laying on the floor in the void. Grabbing his once-broken neck, he slowly gets himself up. He rubs his neck area for a bit while he calls out to the empty void. Surely there must be someone there, right? Well, he does notice something, but we cut back to the present. Tom takes off his jersey and- wait.
That’s not Tom. Ambition is outside… Ambition is in control. Or, more specifically, unchecked and unrestrained ambition is in control.
We’re back at the void with Lommy. He’s approaching something lying on the ground. Or should I say, someone? We see someone curled up and shivering, oblivious to the person standing over him. Lommy realizes who it is just as we all do. It’s Tom. Tom is in the void, and Ambition is in control. Junior doesn’t know that his real Dad is in danger, or that Ambition is acting as his father figure. Nope. Ambition is outside, and Tom is being repressed.
We’re back on Ambition as he throws the Packers jersey onto the ground, very clearly making a statement. Tom is below him. He is in control. We see Tom one last time, looking up at Lommy, cold and broken.
We then jump back. And I mean, way back, just after the events of the East Saga. We see Ambition holding a shovel, acting very determined. He digs the shovel into the ground and begins working. Once done, he looks down at… Rocky? Yes, Rocky. Very weak but somewhat alive, a beat-up and shot Eagles fan squints at Ambition, who promptly throws a jersey at his face. He says, “We have work to do,” and we cut away. So that is how Rocky lived. Ambition saved him after he was buried alive, presumably by Wildflower. No wonder those two had a lot to talk about…
We cut back to Ambition, standing on the front porch. Everything has gone according to his plans. He is firmly in control with no huge enemies at the moment. He’s satisfied because he breathes in and lets out a sigh. Ambition has won.
And now, for the after-credits scene. We’re on the beach, staring at the sky. Tohm walks up, staring down at the camera. We then realize that we were in a POV shot as we see Chomas lying on the ground, donned in a Bears jersey. He’s worn his Sunday best. So, Chomas and Tohm are on the beach together. That’s sure to end well. And thus ends Coach Season 3.
Alright, time for the scatterbrain thoughts. First, more on the beach. I wasn’t able to fit this into the moment. Once you get there, it’s your choice when you want to move on to death. So, Linda waited for Tohm so she could say goodbye. Springsteen was in a coma, but he was just about to leave before Joe took his place. Joe waited for Carl, as he was watching his boys from beyond. Gus immediately chose to move on, so that is why we never saw him.
We never got a clear answer about Calvin’s origins in the proper storyline, but we do actually know it. Calvin has already been around, just like Harold. It’s just that little bit of depression that is always there, whether anyone likes it or not. No wonder Lommy was immediately drawn to him the moment he came out of the crawlspace.
Well, I think that will do it! I apologize for the length, but I think that this massive writeup did this massive episode justice. Thank you all so much for reading! If I missed anything, please feel free to let me know! Have a fantastic day!
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2021.09.19 16:46 careeraltacc is gphy 102 also stressing anyone else out??

it’s my heaviest course by far :(
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2021.09.19 16:46 Oceanbreez_ Some anime-manga comparisons 🔥🔥

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2021.09.19 16:46 Equivalent_Current_3 How to start dating after college with no experience at all.

TLDR: Quiet, introverted guy who failed at the college dating scene, and has been rejected his entire life, is trying to find ways to start dating.
This will be long, please bear with me.
I am a 23 year old guy who has absolutely no experience with girls beyond friendship, like seriously, none. I got my first hug this summer after hiking with a girl for a few weeks. I am a decent looking guy so I chalk this up to several causes. lack of exposure/options, late to the game, and introversion/slow to open up.
First off, lack of exposure. I am in a male dominated field and am in male dominated hobbies. I work in natural resources which is 90% male. Hobbies include, everything outdoorsy, from hunting to climbing to back country skiing. All of these seem to have very few girls. Even my guy friends say I am too outdoorsy for them most of the time, leading me to do everything alone. My social life is a small group that is extremely tight, we only really hang out with each other, and not often anymore. It is hard to break into new groups or to find someone to add to mine. This has caused me to have lots of acquaintances who I know but dont really "know" (if you know what I mean), they also aren't really willing to accept invitations.
Ever since I graduated college, my exposure to people in general has dropped even further, you just dont meet many people your age after school it seems.
Late to the game. I am a christian and every christian girl my age is married it seems. It seems like I have missed the boat and potentially missed the train that takes you to the boat. I have reached the age where having absolutely no experience is becoming an amber flag. I also am not really a church person and have never fit in with church groups or church people.
Introversion. I am NOT socially awkward or anti social. I in fact love social gatherings and meeting people. Its just that it sometimes takes me weeks to recharge my social batteries. I am generally perfectly happy alone or with a single every close friend. This further limits my lack of exposure.
Slow to open up. I have a hard time being flirty with girls before I am friends with them. I dont want to use the term demisexual (as I am not that), but I can relate to those people and that idea of needing to be close to someone before moving a relaitonship beyond a friendship. I also dont want to use the term friendzone, but it honestly feels that way most of the time. We become friends and then after some time, I think about asking her out as I start to develop feelings, but she only sees me as a friend. I have lost quite a few friends this way and frankly I dont want to lose any more and I feel broken because of it.
People are usually surprised when they ask about my girlfriend and they find out that I am single. I am told that I would make a great husband or that "I just figured a guy like you was taken". I have been also told that I am too genuine for my own good.
I have tried many things.
"Dont look for a relationship/be desperate, it will come when you least expect it." - Thats how I ended up here. I lived my life though college and would say that I have lived a pretty good one. I dont want to sound like I have a large ego, but I really do have no regrets and have lived life to the fullest.
Online - nothing, no likes, matches or messages. I have had profiles reviewed and created by friends and reddit.
Therapy - I have been to a therapist in the past and all I got out of it was "Some people are meant to be alone, we can work on ways for you to accept it".
Friends - Friends/family etc have tried to set me up, but that has never led to a date, only lots of being stood up.
Getting out more - over the last month I have gone out to the local "downtown scene" with friends on a somewhat regular basis. Trying new restraunts, shops, etc. and generally getting out more. Though, I just feel too young for that croud (surrounded by young families mostly), and too old for the college scene that exists.
Meetup - none exist in my area for things I am interested in, so I made one. A short hike to the top of a popular hill for the sunset and astronomy viewing. No one showed up.
So my questions stands. What would you recommend to a guy who is recently graduated and is hungry for a companion, to do to try to change my dating life for the better. Essentially something needs to change, but I don't know what.
Thank you.
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Hi any non-EU person here who applied for a Tier 4 student (or any visa) visa from Barcelona, through TLS? Just wondering how long it took. I've read a lot here about the delays in everyone's visa results, but I guess I'm just looking for someone also who applied from the same area... It's been 25 working days for me and still no result
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My natural hair color is black, but I bleached it twice last month, and it turned brassy/orange-yellow. Then I put light brown box dye on top on it, which has since faded a bit and is revealing the brassy hair, making the brown color look very golden, which I don’t like. Is there any way I can turn it into a cooleashy brown? Can I use a purple shampoo to achieve this?
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2021.09.19 16:46 darklord2069 Suggestions for comics with exaggerated Loony Toons-esque style similar to John K’s ‘Comic Book’ and Kyle Baker’s ‘Plastic Man’?

Other works which fit the bill are:
Mudbite by Dave Cooper]
The Bad Ventures of Bobo Backslack by Jon Chadurjian
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2021.09.19 16:46 krazymannapee Does playing around with a dead animal count as animal cruelty?

I saw some guys playing catch with a dead rat or mouse, and it inspired me to ask this question.
Also, what about mutilation of a dead animal's body?
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