This is my yearly “you guys are awesome post”

2021.09.28 06:34 EpmKabob This is my yearly “you guys are awesome post”

You guys are awesome :) keep it up!!
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2021.09.28 06:34 SymKlex Speaking from experience >:

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2021.09.28 06:34 dj_elo gift wrapping paper rolls (3-10m)..not bloody sheets

Anyone had luck with finding nice gift wrapping paper that comes in rolls of more than 3m that doesn't cost 5k+? like am I deceptively bad at searching or what? only real option so far I have found is
but not much else.. why on earth do most places only sell single or multiple sheets??
Back home we would always have a few rolls for birthday/christmas/other of wrapping paper around that can be cut into whatever size necessary..
sigh, so frustrating
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2021.09.28 06:34 bondmemebond_2 bhindee ka samay kharaab chal raha hai.

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2021.09.28 06:34 mushroommadam I just bought this game and thought the inside of the box was pretty clever.

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2021.09.28 06:34 Big-Man-Plasma Has anyone else noticed that Ultron Vision has two different designs?

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2021.09.28 06:34 Analyticsinsight01 Here are the 10 Biggest Challenges Bitcoin is Facing Today

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2021.09.28 06:34 tinteoj Johnny Cash "Blistered" (1969)

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2021.09.28 06:34 TheBaconPhoenix I have been having a bit of trouble getting a rule book

I'm browsing Book Depository and I see this thing called MorkBorg which catches my attention so I go off and read up on it and I decide yep I'll try it. Solo RPGs being something I can do during COVID lockdown.
So I order it but didn't read the fine print it's a Swedish edition.
Ok, so I look around for another, I find one on Amazon Australia w/free postage so I order that. It arrived just now but the cover is upsidedown or the insides are either way the pages were cut incorrectly and there was about 5mm of space at the bottom of each page with printer's marking and the same amount at the top of each page was missing.
So I'm arranging to send it back.
Anyway, it just dawned on me that I might already be playing the game and that both these events are portents to the impending demise of something.
Probably should have just gone with the PDF.
Also, I have a Swedish edition I'm happy to trade for something if anyone has any ideas.
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2021.09.28 06:34 ZiggidyZ Goodest boy Gunner, goodbye my best friend. We had an AMAZING 17 years together. 😍😭

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2021.09.28 06:34 nothrowawayusername Your typical coworker rant

Sorry if this is long. I've kept this to myself for a while
Just tired with the work ethic / behaviour of two particular coworkers at a restauraunt I work at. I'm a dishwasher and fairly new (3 months in). I do my best everyday, keep to myself, and the chef has told me I'm the second best they've ever had & universally loved.
Last shift it got really busy, I worked Saturday by myself and caught up with everything, but the kitchen dishes piled up along the counters. Usually the assitant chefs come down to help, but they asked "Are you good?" "No not really" "Well take your time" and they left, seeing the biggest piles of dishes they've ever seen me with.
I never feel overwhelmed in this job but this night I found myself tearing up - maybe it wasn't so much being overwhelmed as it was my coworker not giving a shit about helping me like he usually does. The head chef and SERVERS too had to come down and help close. They weren't too impressed.
Another dishwasher has me more annoyed. She has quite the history. Trained me incorrectly, calls 4 shifts in a row on the day of, and from my impressions doesn't care about her work (i.e lazy shortcuts and complaining to me about having to come in when its not busy). I covered her shift many times, which I don't mind working more or covering but not four times in a row.
I asked her to cover my shift Wednesday because my family is in the middle of moving right now and we're not getting any help. "Only if it's busy, sure. Ask the chef and let me know". Why does it matter?? Do you want more tips or not want to work a slow shift?? Do you realize we can't exactly predict if its going to be busy or not?? Only want to work if its convenient for you??
I'm new to the workforce so I'm not exactly sure on how to deal with these annoyances or even venting about them. I try to keep a good attitude and don't trash talk at work. If you made it this far thanks for listening to my dumb rant
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2021.09.28 06:34 Docwiththesocks Gifted FlashForge Creator X, need help making adjustments, new to FDM printing

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2021.09.28 06:34 cslittle12 Check out this paige on Quora for Great tips and answers!

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2021.09.28 06:34 YikesOfficial I present to you, Zaros Nunchucks! (with permission from Bruce)

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2021.09.28 06:34 SneakerManiax Do you see any flaws?

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2021.09.28 06:34 Josie-Jo-Joey 20 years since I started smoking.

Hey I'm Jo, I just downloaded quitsure and did the math, it's been 20 years since I first started regularly smoking. I'm only 34. My first drag was closer to 8 y/o, but I grew up in smokey houses and smokey cars, so really I've been addicted to nicotine pretty much my whole life.
I've quit many times before or as I decided to phrase it, I "practiced quitting" many times. Only 3 times did I last over six months. First time was when I was pregnant(kiddo is now 13), second time I quit 2 months shy of 5 years(!) I thought I was free and done forever! Then some stuff got super messy and I started again. All it takes is ONE... sigh then a couple of months after I restarted I quit for 3 months and then 6 months, and several other times as well. I fought it, but I failed. Now I've been regularly smoking for oh, I'm not exactly sure, but probably close to two years again. I don't like smoking. I don't enjoy the taste, the drags, the exhale, the smell, any of it. When I quit for almost 5 years, I went from cigarettes to having vape in the morning, moved my cigarettes later in the day, until I was only vaping, then worked my nicotine down to 0 MG, then vaped later in the day until it was days between, then months, I kept my vape charged and within reach for six months after I quit. That just sounds like a lot to go through right now, I just want to be done. So I'm going to try the quitsure. I'm just ready to be done, yet I keep picking up cigarettes... I had swapped to vape again a few months ago, but I haven't even been using my vape lately at all, just keep smoking... I smoke about half a pack a day consistently, more when I drink which is about a couple times a week 2 weeks a month.
Anyways, glad to be here.
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2021.09.28 06:34 botruaxe2021
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2021.09.28 06:34 SafemoonLover I have been loser in my life Caz of Safemoon everyone in my family think. I’m loser Caz I have recently only lose in Safemoon never had been up in my investment .😔I regret investing in this project.

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2021.09.28 06:34 Gh0sT_PATRIOT H: Stimpaks and RadAway W: Caps asap

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2021.09.28 06:34 Historical-Ad-6289 SOLNEAR 💗 Low Market Cap l Dual Rewards | 100% Liquidity Locked | Based Dev and team | Called by Gollum | Do Not Miss This 🚀

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💎 1,000,000,000 Total Supply
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2021.09.28 06:34 brodymathison Show length?

Hey everyone!
I'm going to the 9/28 PDX show with a friend. We're trying to make some plans for afterward, and I was just wondering if anyone who has been to the current tour had an estimate of how long the show lasted?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.28 06:34 JoeyO913 Need those celestial themes

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2021.09.28 06:34 ADumBlep I will have order

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2021.09.28 06:34 WasteProfessional907 Need help finding scores of Apo Hiking Society’s music

I’m trying to organize a performance of one of Apo Hiking Society’s prices for my universities Filipino Cultural Show here in the US but it’s so hard to find the scores. I found out that Lorrie Ilustre from Hotdogs made an arrangement to “Princesa.” Does anyone know how I could find his contact info so I could buy a copy of the score from him? Does anyone have any scores of Apo?
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2021.09.28 06:34 bug-hunter LAOP finds out about a lien on the house they bought a year ago. Surprise!

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