Juri by coelacanth (gyotaku)

2021.09.19 15:26 AnimeVidyaCoomer Juri by coelacanth (gyotaku)

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2021.09.19 15:26 575snom Drawing failed vessels until silksong comes out (day 11)

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2021.09.19 15:26 s14owner95 Selecting time on top bar opens alarm/clock?

Did 12 get rid of this amazing shortcut?!? I've become so used to dragging down from the top, pressing time and setting my alarm. Now, I have to open the app drawer, find clock settings and go in that way.
Can we please keep this feature?
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2021.09.19 15:26 daisydream- Tips for getting going in a morning?

Unless I have something I need to get up and be ready for such as work I find it so difficult to motivate myself to get up and get the day started. Take this weekend for example; I didn’t have any plans but had a load of stuff I needed to get done at home such as tidying and doing Masters work. I woke up early (pretty standard for me) but have really struggled to just do anything productive.
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2021.09.19 15:26 joslezio85 Looking for a momma or a daddy. I like both! I promise to be lots of fun.

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2021.09.19 15:25 cbaitson Photographing The Changing Light

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2021.09.19 15:25 nochangeusername12 Mom's be like

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2021.09.19 15:25 d_Composer RAINING BLOOD by SLAYER for eurorack modular synth, TTSH (diy ARP 2600) and Ambika

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2021.09.19 15:25 a_m_i_t_g_a_u_t_a_m Ahh

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2021.09.19 15:25 neon_unicorn-dreams Today's daily challenge brought to you by a need for decluttering inventory (I wish I could have used/purged more clocks!)

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2021.09.19 15:25 Frandere Tenshi at dusk (@daidai_kasame)

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2021.09.19 15:25 TheMegaSage Someone set up a puppet show booth and small play area for kids on a local walking path

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2021.09.19 15:25 driver135 Nano liquid screen protectors

Has anyone used a nano liquid screen protector? I'm not expecting anything on drop protection but is it any good at preventing scratches?
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2021.09.19 15:25 Milakangelo [Spoilers C2] Jester just Jester, by Milakangelo

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2021.09.19 15:25 flyin_rightnaa What's the highest weather temperature you've experienced?

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2021.09.19 15:25 kagmgeadh The UFO Crash In Alençon, 1790: Mysterious Humanoid Escaped From The Large UFO

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2021.09.19 15:25 DonutCapitalism Facebook exec says stablecoins 'probably' require more regulation

SEC Chair Gary Gensler put forward a wide-ranging view of potential cryptocurrency regulation at a Senate hearing this week, saying that a type of digital asset called stablecoins may be considered a security.
The comments come as the Treasury Department works with other federal agencies to draft a report by next month on potential regulations for stablecoins, a form of cryptocurrency that pegs its value to a commodity or currency, like the U.S. dollar.
New rules could draw support from a top industry player, Facebook's (FB) David Marcus, who has spearheaded the tech giant's soon-to-launch digital wallet called Novi. Marcus also sits on the board of the Diem Association, a coalition of corporate and non-profit members that aim to bring out a stablecoin called Diem that will be exchanged over the new digital wallet from Facebook.
In a new interview, taped prior to Gensler's comments on Tuesday, Marcus told Yahoo Finance stablecoins "probably" will require additional regulation, which should focus on consumer protection as well as the prevention of illegal payments like money laundering.
"Do we need more regulation?" says Marcus, head of F2, also known as Facebook Financial. "The answer is probably 'yes.'"
"The first thing is really consumer protection," he adds. "Do consumers understand what they're buying? And what guarantees do they have to get their money out in an adverse event? And so that pertains to if you're talking about stable coins, specifically, what are the reserves made of?
"Are they're fully backed? reserves? Or are they not fully backed? And if they are fully backed? What are they backed with?" he adds.
During Gensler's testimony before the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) asked about the possibility of crypto investors attempting to withdraw money during a market crash. Gensler said the SEC could not do much to help investors since crypto exchanges like Coinbase (COIN) had not registered with the SEC.
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen last month urged speedy adoption of stablecoin rules in remarks to regulators.
Marcus said investor risks found in stablecoins depend on the commodities that back a given cryptocurrency.
"In my view, very high quality stable coins are only backed by cash and very short term treasuries," he says. "That's it."
"Then you could add a capital buffer on top of that, to basically cover unexpected operational losses, or what have you to add another layer of protection," he says.
Facebook aims to release Novi along with Diem by the end of the year, Marcus told Axios earlier this month. Diem, which emerged from Facebook's effort to develop a cryptocurrency that began under the name Libra in 2017, will be pegged to the U.S. dollar, Marcus said.
Libra faced backlash from regulators and lawmakers when it was announced in 2019, and ultimately lost support from corporate backers like Visa (V) and PayPal (PYPL).
Speaking to Yahoo Finance, Marcus said concerns over illicit payments with stablecoins offer an opportunity for regulators to improve the clarity of rules governing such transactions, even though stablecoins are currently used for everyday payments in rare circumstances.
"We're very motivated to solving payments use case but stable coins are mainly used right now for exchanges when people are buying and selling other crypto assets," he says.
"There are provisions around anti-money laundering, combating the financing of terrorism, sanctions enforcement — and I think the rules are pretty clear," he says. "This actually offers an opportunity to get better at it than the current system is, which I think it will be."
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2021.09.19 15:25 poluklurker Name on Uniform

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2021.09.19 15:25 reis-i-trix Whats your personal best on this one ? i wanna know

Whats your personal best on this one ? i wanna know
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2021.09.19 15:25 bizmeddit01 Sex Drive

What can a woman over 40 do to increase/enhance her sex drive?
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Expires in 7 days: https://discord.gg/UVt9BXPz
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2021.09.19 15:25 phoen_ixwrong_38 Comrade Shido! you are under Arrest! for anti soviet propaganda!

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2021.09.19 15:25 zXJuju_PlaysXz READ BEFORE OFFERING! 🤍

TRADING 500k! here's what I want & don't want⤵
NLF: inv dumps, general underpays, etc.
LF: heels, skirts, corsets, sleeves, sets, mostly ones w/ demand
ALSO LF: high demand items, like og stuff, & more. ____________________________________
springy20 {lemme dream}
lmk your offers!
offer awayy!
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2021.09.19 15:25 Punchy_Mchurtyfist Anyone else start shaking yourself awake after covid?

I had pretty mild covid, really just had one night with fever and ached a bit, but other than fatigue and my taste and smell being dulled I thought I got off pretty easy. However, now whenever I try to sleep after a few moments I will shake and wake myself up, its only been about 10 days since I've had it and started feeling better, so I'm hoping this is also something that will pass, but has anyone else showed these kinds of symptoms?
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