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100+ tracks of happy, catchy, tuneful, energetic, upbeat indie rock / alt / indie pop to boost your mood. A playlist with almost 1k likes.

2021.09.19 16:44 euniegaspar 100+ tracks of happy, catchy, tuneful, energetic, upbeat indie rock / alt / indie pop to boost your mood. A playlist with almost 1k likes.

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2021.09.19 16:44 -i-hate-this-place- Do you know me

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2021.09.19 16:44 Safe_Dragonfruit_195 Pee

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2021.09.19 16:44 agaetani55 Got a ton of blood on white sheets. How do I get it out?

They were washed twice in hot water but I think it only made it worse. Any tips? Really urgent.
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2021.09.19 16:44 LeanProtein Azelf - Blue Gym - adding 10 - 1334 6552 8707. Bring the Tyranitars baby

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2021.09.19 16:44 _winterstorm Why C# sucks as hell [noob pov RANT]

- It forces a complete noob to use 15 OOP concepts to print a simple 'Hello World' program, are there any other cons really needed at this point?
I guess everything Microsoft does is overbloated & overhyped piece of junk.

Some of my experience with C# - I have the following code from malware analysis on CTF challenge:

public static string DecryptString(string key, string cipherText) 
{ byte[] iv = new byte[16]; byte[] buffer = Convert.FromBase64String(cipherText); string result; using (Aes aes = Aes.Create()) { aes.Key = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(key); aes.IV = iv; ICryptoTransform cryptoTransform = aes.CreateDecryptor(aes.Key, aes.IV); using (MemoryStream memoryStream = new MemoryStream(buffer)) { using (CryptoStream cryptoStream = new CryptoStream(memoryStream, cryptoTransform, 0)) { using (StreamReader streamReader = new StreamReader(cryptoStream)) { result = streamReader.ReadToEnd(); } } } } return result; }
And I want to test some input against this function, but hey, no matter what online compiler I will use this code fails, both vscode and vs2019 can't compile that. It will just throw some numbers of exceptions that tell me nothing. Can't use this here, cant use this there, can't use this without that, it's a fkn programmatic hell.
If I'd give you my python or c/cpp code you can use any dedicated compiler on the planet and it will work if just imports are in place, why things in C# can't be that simple and easy FFS? Why does the compilation have to fail just because of some useless OOP concepts?
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2021.09.19 16:44 DynamitePhones Trouble with my quad

I was driving it yesterday and it didn't have any power, she was also steering when she felt like it, she's a 2004 Polaris 330 magnum
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2021.09.19 16:44 mwfreebies FREE $1 Dunkin' Card, Discounts & More For T-Mobile & Sprint Customers! (App Required - 9/21)

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2021.09.19 16:44 Overall_Demand This is my first drawing of this style, I am not very good and I hope you like it. the title of the drawing is on the page.

This is my first drawing of this style, I am not very good and I hope you like it. the title of the drawing is on the page. submitted by Overall_Demand to DigitalArt [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 16:44 R4L1X Hornet :)

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2021.09.19 16:44 heinaga1989 MiniBabyFloki has 500 members in 2 hours and is launching in less than 1 hour

Mini Baby Floki Is Fair Launching In Around 1 hour | Based Dev Team | Unique Tokenomics | $FLOKI Rewards
Backed by an experienced dev team and equipped with unique tokenomics, Mini Baby Floki aims to take the crypto world by storm. Join the telegram group now and be part of the community!
✅ A detailed marketing plan has already been prepared and is being strategically implemented for maximum effect. Plans include Poocoin and Coinsniper ads, Coinhunt promo, crypto influencer tweets, several daily Reddit posts and much more!
After recently joining the Musk family, Mini Baby Floki is getting ready to be a part of the BSC community as well with an epic fair launch taking place very soon!
📊 CG and CMC applications will be made directly after launch
🖼 NFT marketplace coming up in phase 4 of the roadmap!
⚙️Tokenomics: 2% $FLOKI Rewards for all holders, 2% Liquidity and 6% Marketing for buys. While for sells, there is an extra 2% going to rewards, raising it to 4%
🚫 Unique anti-snipe and anti-whale features in place, to guarantee a fair and smooth launch, with minimum bot impact
🔒 Liquidity will be locked for 1 year on Dxsale upon launch. Moreover, additionally generated liquidity from transactions will be sent to an inaccessible burn address
Telegram: https://t.me/MiniBabyFlokiBSC
Website: https://www.minibabyflokibsc.com
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2021.09.19 16:44 illinoislover thinking about ankha vid again

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2021.09.19 16:44 fluffybunnysadist Slow day yesterday. Single rescue. Guy panicked on a trail and needed an escort through the pits. Know your skills and your rigs. This guy had the TRD package but no lift and street tires. We struggled a bit to get him through

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2021.09.19 16:44 MiserableBrick2902 How to discipline the right way.

Long story warning. Warning this is not to debate but just figure out how to break cycles without also being overrun by my kid.
I grew up in a household that spanked/hit as discipline as a kid not as a teenage. My husband grew up in a household that didn’t spank or hit but used the “I’m disappointed” methods. Let me just say that I never doubted my mothers love and that what she did wasn’t on the abuse side. We were very close until she passed. She made it very very clear to me at a young age that she just wanted to teach me respect, consequence, etc but that she had rules for herself (never hit when you’re mad, don’t go too far, etc etc). To me this is a hard subject because while I don’t agree with hitting I can’t deny it taught me respect, my actions had consequence, and not to mess with my mom. I was never one of those throw myself on the floor in the grocery store kids Bc of this. During her last years she told me she regretted hitting us and feels she was too hard on etc. My relationship with my mother was loving, we were friends, I could tell her anything and she always made sure I knew if I was in trouble call her, she’d rather know the truth and come get me then me end up in a bind. And I did. As a teenager I called her numerous times to get me out of sticky situations and in the end she was just happy I was safe. She always made me feel safe loved and happy until the day she died. And even now I still feel loved by her.
My husband never got hit yet his mother (highly religious and has very strict rules) used the I’m disappointed strategy. He’s also a great person like I was raised to be (no stealing, lying, respectful, etc). Because of this he felt he had to have this imagine infront of his parents of being perfect to be loved by them, unfortunately his mom would do things like say she’s disappointed and not talk to him for days if he did something wrong. Fast forward to our relationship and I told him I’m an open book and people make mistakes and he can be his true self around me. Yet when we go around his parents we both have to filter ourselves heavily. He’s had to undergo therapy to undo these things and feelings of not being loved for his true self. His relationship with his parents is strained and he feels they don’t love him for him and it’s their way or the high way etc. Because of this he lacks confidence in himself sometimes. By this his parents style causes more damage then my moms ever did.
Now on to the question (thanks for following this far). My husband and I are both against hitting for discipline and don’t want to hit my kid. I’m not that type of person and I don’t want my kid to fear me. We also don’t want to go the disappointment route considering how badly that turned out for my husband. BUT I do want my kid to respect me. I do not want to be in a grocery store with my kid freaking out. I do want my kid to respect me and also learn what’s acceptable or not. I do want my kid and I to have a loving relationship where he can trust me. My kiddo is 16 months old and I can already tell he pushes his boundaries and though we aren’t to a place where we’ve needed to discipline we will be soon. I can tell he’s strong willed.
Is there no way to have both? To have a loving relationship with your kid but he also respects you and knows not to mess around? Where he learns consequences for actions that will hopefully teach him that for his adult life? Where you don’t hit but you don’t disappointment shame either? My worst fear is to have a kid who is out of control thanks to my parenting methods, like kids who hit their parents do what they want etc. Thanks in advanced from a super concerened parent who wants to do it right and has no one else to ask.
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2021.09.19 16:44 grimm84 ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊

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2021.09.19 16:44 Gai-Tendoh A Few Good Tighty-whiteys

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2021.09.19 16:44 NeoKavi I wish 2021’s Sunday took on 2001 Sunday’s meaning.

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2021.09.19 16:44 X_PixelPlayer_X Which model of the Atari Lynx is better

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2021.09.19 16:44 CptSomuil My friend went full John Wick

My buddy just sent me this pic of his recent game
As he doesn't have Reddit account - i'll post it instead (cuz imo people need to witness this)
Character - Siren
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2021.09.19 16:44 Tartanclan When did you feel you were ready for your driving test?

Without the instructor mentioning you were ready
How did you personally know you were ready / that you could pass your test.
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2021.09.19 16:44 UhhSaint 450 F2P stones: and a whole lot of pain

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2021.09.19 16:44 PSIunit The first military remote viewer

We have often wondered how many of the remote viewers "out there" speak a few words in German with us. Mel Riley would have been no exception if we could have met him in person. It certainly could have been an interesting conversation. Of his 21 years of military service, he spent nine as an air reconnaissance officer in Germany - and just as much at Ft. Meade with the RV unit. Sadly, Mel passed away a little over a year ago. That's why the current article is about him - the first military remote viewer.
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2021.09.19 16:44 annastasiajade What would you add around this?

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2021.09.19 16:44 Moon_Boy20 I pull the glue from my toolbox, I need to fix it again.

Maybe this time my face will stop distorting in the mirror...
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2021.09.19 16:44 Arkantos555 In your opinion who did Greek Mythology best: God of War trilogy or Hades?

I guess we can include Age of Mythology in there too
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