Peeping Tom Ghost?

2021.09.19 17:04 PamelaAndGrace Peeping Tom Ghost?

My daughter, a college student, was looking through her selfie pictures after she moved out of this apartment and into her new apartment in California this past August. She lived alone, or so she thought. She has since moved out of that apartment. That really looks like a face looking in at the top of the door.
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2021.09.19 17:04 JimmyHasAPistol 𐠥 U+10825 E THAT GOT DRUNK AND FELL OVER

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2021.09.19 17:04 AvraPollock Hellas Verona vs Roma | Serie A (Sep 19, 12:00PM ET)

WINNINGS ODDS Hellas Verona When the odds are 2.6 the expected chance of winning is 28%, but this team actually wins 14% matches with these odds. Roma When the odds are 1 the expected chance of winning is 50%, but this team actually wins 61% matches with these odds.
MATCH INFO Start time: Sep 19, 12:00PM ET Location: Verona Venue: Marc Antonio Bentegodi Round: 4 Competition: Serie A
Watch this stream: Link 1: Link 2: Link 3: Link 4:
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2021.09.19 17:04 SnooTigers8429 What do you hope your deceased relative would say about you if they saw you now?

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2021.09.19 17:04 ModerateRockMusic Got banned for replying to someone who said the ussr brought vast improvements to its citizens lives with "if by improvements you mean slightly nicer labour camps then yes"

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2021.09.19 17:04 gbnskvnski Thought this one turned out quite lovely! Looking for help understanding how to calculate hydration level from my recipe - I think it’s 79%?

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2021.09.19 17:04 heinaga1989 Trunkies 🐘 Minting begins in One Hour! - Custom-Drawn NFTs

Welcome to Trunkies, 🐘
Trunkies are a collection of 10,000 custom-drawn elephants with relatable stories behind them.
The team is planning on having a permanent impact for NFTs on the BSC network by developing their very own marketplace where not only Trunkies will be listed but also other incredible projects can be listed and shared to our users!
The holders of the original Trunkies will reap the benefits of the marketplace as the 'Trunkies' collection will always be seen as the original collection where it all started and promoted heavily at all times also, following down our roadmap holders of Trunkies will be receiving airdrops as rewards simply just for owning a Trunkie.

Make sure to join our telegram to join our active community and always be updated with news :)

What is a Trunkie?
Trunkies are brand new NFTs coming to the Binance Smart Chain. Each and every Trunkie is randomly generated to have their own custom and unique attributes about them and no two Trunkies will ever be the same.

How can I get a Trunkie?
Trunkies will be available for mint on our website, simply connect your wallet then select how many you'd like to mint and click the "mint" button. the exact date is still to be assessed and the minting cost of a Trunkie will be 0.3 BNB.

When can I mint?
The minting process for Trunkies will start on Sunday at 4PM UTC. The first 2000 Trunkies will be .25 BNB and once the first 2000 are done the remaining 8000 will be .3 BNB each! You will be able to mint on our website simply clicking the "mint" button and connecting your wallet.

10,000 Trunkies stomping through the lands of the metaverse have entered through the golden gates of the Binance Smart Chain.
The Trunkies community accepts all shapes, sizes and colours.
Join us on a mission filled with water squirting Trunkies adventures!

Social Media:
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2021.09.19 17:04 lovelyhannahhh Yeah there’s immature people but this is a nasty way of talking and not all people talk like this at all? Like not even your friends??

On discord I saw my friend talking like this a lot! Example:
-Stupid emo homo, burn!!!
-You could nut with me shawty 🥺🥺🥺‼️‼️💯
-Fr bro we can touch eachothers cocks and tits 💯🤤
-“Lexi your face makes me shoot a fat load of semen out of my big hard cock”
I confronted her about it and all she said was:
What, no? Why would I? 💀 (feel shame) Cock is cock, a male body part Semen comes out of it I do say it irl as well I'm not a prude 😭
Yeah, I mean I get that some may get uncomfortable with it because it's a bit perverted to talk about it in an uneducational way
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2021.09.19 17:04 GeraldHerrera KingVon

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2021.09.19 17:04 Lunalove09 Starseeds: Light Language🌟 (from Andromeda, Pleidian, Lyra)

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2021.09.19 17:04 MoinServusMoin197 New IG

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2021.09.19 17:04 GuyWithLightsaber Liebe Impfverweigerer und Querdänker...

Lüt wie du setzte sich ihres ganze Läbe lang für nüt anders ih, als alles z sabotiere wo irgend e engagierti Person macht, ohni dasder irgendwie Lösige bringet. Denn freuet er euch über d Zerstörig woner agrichtet heid, lached hämisch drüber das d Bhörde wege euch innere Sackgass sind, sind aber z dumm z merke, dass ihr au e Teil vo dem Land sind. Wenn d Regierig innere Sackgass isch, sind ihrs au. Darum schadeter mit eucher Verweigerigshaltig nid am Bundesrot, sonern euch selber. Ihr gwünned vilicht, willer eifach z vili sind aber usecho wird genau nüt usser Chaos, e Pandemie wo no Johre witergoht und zerstörte Wohlstand wo au IHR nie meh zruggbecho werdet. Anderi Länder chönes nämlich, z.B. Dänemark. Wenn ihr euch witerhin weigeret euch irgendwie konstruktiv a dem Land z beteilige gönd IHR unter. D Konkurrenz isch hart. Also höred uf z glaube, dass d Schwiz sich no Johrelang uf de Lohrbeere vo dr Vergangeheit usruheie cha will si jo "so vil besser" isch als alli andere. Cha si nid. D Fehler wo si sich erlaube cha sind begränzt und im Moment sind das sehr vili. Wege euch. Und das tuet mer so verdammt leid für all die Lüt wo sich so dermasse bemüeht hei das Problem für unser Land z löse. Fürd Ärzt, wos beste gebe so vil Läbe z rette wies numme goht, füre Zivilschutz und die Freiwillig wo innere unglaubliche Astrengig die super Impfzentre organisiert het, fürd Armee, wo fürd Logistik gsorgt het, füre Bundesrot wo versuecht het Weg z finde wo weniger Ischränkige als i de meiste Länder bringe, fürd Wüsseschafler wo ihres beste gebe au am Hinterletschde d Hintergründ und Risike vo Pandemie und Impfig z erkläre. DAS sind d Patriote und NID ihr. Ihr sids Hinerletschde, ihr interessieret euch nur für euch selber, ihr hassed d Schwiz. Es eklet mi wenn ihr d Fahne umeschwinged wo für Zemmehalt stoht, aber eigentlich nüt als Spaltig und Chaos weit. Ich fürcht ihr werdet in Zuekunft no merke zu was uns das füehrt, aber leider gilt das au für die wo jede Tag ihres beste gebe. Und das macht mi furchtbar trurig und verruckt.
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2021.09.19 17:04 rto0057 I’m done. I’m so done…

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2021.09.19 17:04 ChanChan1911 Purchased this yesterday at a local gunshow

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2021.09.19 17:04 KING_CRIMSONISJOEMA- im going to post this on every shitposting subreddit i see

im going to post this on every shitposting subreddit i see
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2021.09.19 17:04 Blue_pheonix681 Useless information #12

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2021.09.19 17:04 bloodstreamcity 'The Invincible' Creators Invite Players to the Far Reaches of Space

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2021.09.19 17:04 Daas_Pawan गणेश चतुर्थी

♻️ श्री गणेश जी के पिता त्रिलोकीनाथ भगवान शंकर जी भी ध्यान अवस्था में लगे रहते हैं। यानि उनसे ऊपर भी कोई भगवान है जिनका वो ध्यान लगाते हैं। फिर हमारा मोक्ष गणेश जी की भक्ति व आराधना से कैसे हो सकता है? देखें साधना चैनल 07:30 pm
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2021.09.19 17:04 westeast1000 Anyone know where to find this top or similar?

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2021.09.19 17:04 introsort [Hiring] CONTRACT - Senior Engineer, Graphics (NTD) - Careers at Nintendo of America (Nintendo)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see CONTRACT - Senior Engineer, Graphics (NTD) - Careers at Nintendo of America
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2021.09.19 17:04 jparra661 H: b/e/90 gauss, b/e/fms, ari/e/15c, and gs/e/15r fixers W: b/e Tesla rifle, open to offers

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2021.09.19 17:04 shifr68 [WIN] Classic MOD 22 - Wear OS

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2021.09.19 17:04 perochan Kim Sungkyu / Sunggyu (INFINITE) - Ontact Fanmeeting 'ㅅㄱ' (Special Teaser Poster)

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2021.09.19 17:04 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - BJP rakes up 2018 #MeToo complaint against Punjab CM-elect Charanjit Singh Channi | Times of India

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2021.09.19 17:04 KUDOSTOYOUGOODSIR 300 acres…take it or not?

So, you’d think this is an easy question. I have a relative who is getting older and wants someone to take over his farm. He’s been leasing out some land for hay and a few cows and just barely staying classified as a farm for his taxes. He’s offered me a chance to come do basically whatever I want with the land as long as I’m willing to keep it as a farm and not sell it off.
However, I’m relatively happily employed some 2000 miles away. My wife is too. Our kids are mostly grown and financially we are doing ok with plans to retire in about 10 years. But, my relative is getting older and wants to quit toiling soon.
Would you do it? If you had a clean slate and a couple hundred acres what would you do with the land? All thoughts welcome!
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