Is it done yet?

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2021.09.28 05:44 Stupidbananana Is it done yet?

Is it done yet?
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2021.09.28 05:44 USSJ307 Littlefinger tried to name his heir to the Kingsguard

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2021.09.28 05:44 FrontpageWatch2020 [#122|+3059|49] Finally got his own room! [r/aww]

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2021.09.28 05:44 No-Replacement-7475 Is it just me? Or are the Apes in SuperStonks being led off a cliff by transferring all their GME stock from their brokerages to ComputerShares? Funds are in transit if GME tanks. The company’s in Australia. Not good. THIS from ComputerShares FAQ’s:

Is it just me? Or are the Apes in SuperStonks being led off a cliff by transferring all their GME stock from their brokerages to ComputerShares? Funds are in transit if GME tanks. The company’s in Australia. Not good. THIS from ComputerShares FAQ’s: submitted by No-Replacement-7475 to gme_meltdown [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 05:44 nataskaos schadenfreude...

When someone starts running in a putt before it goes in, and it clanks off of the basket? I laugh every time. Every. Single. Time.
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2021.09.28 05:44 Due-Golf-611 Interview tips?

I have an interview at H&M tomorrow afternoon and I’m incredibly nervous.
I’m terrible at interviews and my mind always blanks when they ask me a question.
And how do I answer ‘tell me about yourself’ because that one always confuses me.
Does anyone have any tips to calm my nervousness?
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2021.09.28 05:44 DiamondEagle1 F4F Account

F4F Account:
Pls follow 🙏🙏
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2021.09.28 05:44 BlackLegend22 Is there anyone who can loan me $30

I have a bill due and thats all i need. Super sorry I had to due this but due to class and my dad getting sick I haven't had a lot of income. Ill pay back Friday when I get paid!
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2021.09.28 05:44 HansFlo Who trio is better?

View Poll
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2021.09.28 05:44 xXChewbakkaXx Absolute broken Bird run. 1.8Million single highest hit! Once in a lifetime!

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2021.09.28 05:44 dynamoboomboom300 Rate my comp

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2021.09.28 05:44 amanbhatia97 GOLDUCK NFT GIVEAWAY! What a beast!! To participate, upvote and follow on Twitter and join Discord.. Link below! Tweet for the giveaway:

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2021.09.28 05:44 Walmart_Rapunzel Can you please pray for my family?

Can you please pray for my abusive family. My parents are so toxic to each other, and I’m getting at my breaking point. I just need God to fix something because they won’t even if it means one of them leaving.
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2021.09.28 05:44 8kix Bluetooth management in the terminal

Are there any neat TUI/CLI programs for connecting to Bluetooth devices quick and easy?
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2021.09.28 05:44 Nsane12 Comp. REL way of declaring damage with Obosh like effects out?

Is there a proper way to handle telling your opponent things like "swinging at you for 3," when it will then be doubled by Obosh? I just feel weird with the exchange and want to make sure I'm not doing anything misleading.
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2021.09.28 05:44 hobimilf420 My life involves watching everyone else have fun..

I’m in my early 20s and I’m certainly not living the life a girl in her 20s would normally live. Ya know… having a group of supportive friends, a purpose in life, and reasons to be happy. I always have to sit back and watch people live the life that I want. I’m so tired of it… not sure how many more years I’ll be able to handle living like this. I’m so unhappy it hurts. I’m so jealous of others it hurts. I’m tired of being told not to stress or overthink. It’s not easy. I always worry that life isn’t meant for me.
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2021.09.28 05:44 GlitteringTurnip5704 Need help!

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2021.09.28 05:44 ThirteenTuesdays Where to start search for a good compact?

I was able to get my hands on a sig p238 this weekend and enjoyed it quite a bit... It made me want to start my search for a compact 1911, but I am not really sure where to start.
The 238 is on my list but it seems like it is not really possible to find at the moment, and I had some reservations about the placement and size of the mag release. I held a Kimber micro today and loved the feel in my hands, but I don't know anything about Kimber or whether or not their micro is worth a damn. I plan to try before I buy, but I want to narrow down my search a bit.
I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations about brands/models I can start researching? I am leaning towards 380 just to change things up a bit, but given the current ammo situation, I am not against a 9mm.
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2021.09.28 05:44 SolConcept Emerald Genesis [NA East- English-PVE/PVP/RP]

Server: Dominora
Faction: Marauders
Personal Discord: solconcept#3449 Company Discord:
Hello potential comrades! The Emerald Genesis is looking to fill ranks with some more cool vibes. We are a mix of hardcore and casual players, with interests in pvp, pve, and rp. (We do have experienced Alpha/Beta players, ready to help newcomers. We were able to engage in war content and claim a territory, and defend it as well.)
We are experienced mmo players from a myriad of other games- some of us friends, some of us connected through a shared love for content creation. Hand in hand with the New World Creator Program, we are also looking for people interested in collaborating on content for the game. We also have a separate discord for those looking for artist and stream support/growth.
We prefer you to be 18 and older! Truly mature individuals are more than welcome to inquire- we know how it is. Most of us are in our mid 20s, with a few 30s. We ask that you are respectful, drama free, and you MUST pass the vibe check. Any sort of bigotry is not welcome. We accept all creeds, races, religions, designations, etc.
We are a small effort to start, and looking to grow, with you on board (:
Hope to see you soon!
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2021.09.28 05:44 Phantomix117 Scared.

I (MtF 21) have been feeling increasingly more feminine for several years. I’ve never fit the “male mold” and within the past couple of months it got worse. I shaved my legs one day on a whim and started thinking about my body and my life. I guess that’s when my egg cracked.
I’ve spoken with my therapist about it and he was very supportive and suggested I try it. I’ve really been loving any kind of, I’ll be it stereotypical, female things I’ve been doing shaving my body, bought some panties and cute socks, change my demeanor a bit, started doing my hair differently etc.
The thing is… I’m horrified, I’m scared to come out to my friends and family, I’m mortified about scheduling an hrt consultation and then telling me I have to wait, I’m terrified of “not being able to pass” or only ever seeing a man when I look in the mirror. But mostly I’m scared about whether or not I’m making the right choice, sometimes doubt comes over me and I don’t really know what to do. I know that I don’t want to be a man. But transitioning is scary.
Sorry for the rant but, does anyone have any advice?
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2021.09.28 05:44 sensitivespartan Cozy corner in my tiny studio - Seattle, WA

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2021.09.28 05:44 JudgementalButCute What were some things which were a really big deal back in the day - but is not a big deal anymore?

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2021.09.28 05:44 huangtuotian123 Quiero investigar la situacion de microcrédito del mercado colombiano

Y necesito una persona que puede registrarse en App Juancho Te presta, Kredity, Finky, algunas empresas de microcréditos, y hacer un vídeo pequeño para que pueda ver sus páginas y cómo funcionan las APP. Es que somos empresas de microcréditos chinas. Estamos considerando en el mercado colombiano, pues necesito alugnos módulos de páginas, y informaciones sobre esto. Y todos los costos, les pagaremos si completa este trabajo. Pueden contactar mi número de Whatsapp, si les interesa.
Y me deja algunos comentarios, por favor,

Muchas gracias
WhatsApp: +8618996229693
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2021.09.28 05:44 Affectionate_Cry_851 27 [M4F] Melbourne/VIC - Hello

Hello All. Been dealing with a lot of loneliness and it’s been rough in Melbourne, life in general.. Would love to find a genuine connection, something local or hang out. I have many interests in life you may ask me about, it probably isn’t much different than most people on here although I believe I have mentally matured a lot in recent years and want to branch out, explore and quite honestly create a new life. Mainly I love an adventure and new experiences. Mostly want to reconnect with people, share moments and create memories and see what’s out there, see where it goes.
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2021.09.28 05:44 Nohan07 Covid-19 : la Nouvelle-Calédonie déplore plus de cent victimes de la pandémie

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