Hey friends, quick question.

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2021.09.28 07:21 Fyzyqs Hey friends, quick question.

Have a quick question for you guys. Earlier this month I test drove a 2022 Toyota Camry. And decided to wait on one to be allocated and freighted to the dealership. I signed a "deposit form" (it's literally written in sharpie, and copied" it says there is a non-refundable deposit. I gave them the $500 deposit for the car. However, I havent gotten an appraisal on my truck, gone through F&I annd/or taken delivery of the car. Is there a way to nuzzle out of the deal and get my $500 back?
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2021.09.28 07:21 salatvlad Chav discord anyone?

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2021.09.28 07:21 NanoNona9 Shit - Im fucked, another bottom, but this one is hell.

Dudes, if you read this, I promise I am not sharing my hell to make you feel down or to suggest to quit coke, it's just the story.
Im an addict, I love blow more than anything else (sadly). Daily, 1,2,3 grams - weekends 6-10grams.

Now, why do I it, after all this?
  1. Enjoy it a lot
  2. Fills the void inside of me
    1. as I've been in severe pain for since I was a kid and I an addict.
    2. The pain 2 weeks ago was unexplainable and new, the one feeling today doesn't have a name, I call it The Closer Meaning of Hell
Now, while enjoying blow, and this sub and you guys, I'm so _______ (fill in the space) because I don't WANT to quit coke. I KNOW I have to.
*PUNCHING BOTTOM" I wish I could share the whole story BUT, I got myself into trouble with VERY dangerous people and I' even had to do a legal complain for serious terms and are under witness protection.
Here's something that I shouldn't be sharing but I will
I am for sure know really screwed things up, many times, but this time - am not only at risk of loosing everything, end up at a mental institution, or now death.
I've been to rehab twice, I promised myself to stop so many times, I join NA groups - because I understand how fucked I am but I dont wan't to stop. And I sort of not give fuck, sort of.
I think, deep down since of me, that I've made a decision but I just don't know what it is.
Cheers and thanks for reading.
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2021.09.28 07:21 Fukui_Hanako help out a fellow aro

I'll keep this short and sweet. After identifying as aro for three years now and not having been in any romantic relationships (though someone had a crush one me once and that shit was uncomfy as hell) I've finally met someone who's making me question this part of my identity. I know that what I feel for them is not romantic in nature, more along the lines of a ridiculously intense sensual and platonic attraction, but I'm catching myself thinking- hoping, even- that they are romantically attracted to me. And I might not be opposed to the idea of trying out a romantic relationship?
None of the "demi" or "oriented" labels seem to fit me. Actually, correction: I'm not bothered by the fact that I don't have words to describe the feeling, I'm bothered by the fact that I personally cannot understand why I'm feeling the way I do. I've considered the possibility that I may not actually understand what romantic attraction is, and I'm projecting my warped version of what a romantic couple looks like onto this person, or I'm simply lonely and want to feel... well, wanted. Particularly because I've recently moved and have established no close bonds or relationships yet.
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2021.09.28 07:20 Serfum2 Why is this channel still running?

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2021.09.28 07:20 COYG1886 Lever vi i en krigzon?

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2021.09.28 07:20 Lumonos Is There A Guide To "Masking"?

Is there a book somewhere I can read that'll tell me how to "mask"?
I had a position recently at a company. It came to an end, and the manager actually went so far as to recommend me to other departments. I was in customer service, and I was actually a stellar employee according to him. In reality, I simply did exactly as the rules told me to do, and didn't deviate.
Unfortunately, despite his recommendation, I didn't get hired in the other departments. Why? Well, I looked very lazy and unmotivated, for one, and I can't hold a conversation to save my life, for another. People in those departments have worked with me for short periods of time, which I am assuming actually contributed negatively to me being able to transfer over.
People don't want to work with someone who looks as dead on the outside as they do on the inside. I need help masking. Do any of you have any books you could recommend?
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2021.09.28 07:20 thinkagain1 Does any CC offer an English class in winter?

Does any CC offer an English course in winter that satisfies R1B requirement? Thanks.
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2021.09.28 07:20 Trish_Hernandez IMMUNOSIN MEDICINE

Saw this in another viber group. Share this with your family and friends.
Just recently, an old friend died of COVID-19 in a matter of 2 days after she and her husband were diagnosed.
Since they are already old and had existing comorbidities, they are very careful and sanitize always. One day, my friend asked their nephew who is living with them to get a cleaner for their air conditioning unit. Her nephew is the only one who assisted the cleaner. Apparently, the cleaner was COVID positive and has mild symptoms. Since their nephew was a direct contact, they needed to undergo RT PCR test. Their nephew tested negative, while my friend and her husband tested positive. Before they received their results, my friend was already experiencing severe symptoms. She had difficulty in breathing and has chest pains. While her husband has fever, cough, and tiredness. They were both confined in a hospital.
The doctors were not able to save my friend. Her symptoms worsen and are already unmanageable. She died hours after intubation. Her husband on the other hand, was advised to take antivirals, and to supplement with vitamins to boost his immunity. Their doctor also prescribed Solmux Advance, a carbocisteine medicine with Zinc.
My friend’s husband is currently regaining his strength and is just finishing his quarantine. The doctors were able to manage his symptoms. He said that he felt relief 4 days after taking his meds.
It was very painful to lose a friend. But thanks God, her husband survived. Everyone, please, please. Please be careful. Boost your immunity by taking vitamins and eating healthy. My friend is very careful but she still gets COVID. Have your vaccination shots as soon as possible. Do not ignore a simple cough. Save others by taking care of yourself.
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2021.09.28 07:20 PAdamsSitney This Windows XP Sound Effect Plays In The Background Of "Good Life" at 2:15

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2021.09.28 07:20 amishtwit shofar

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2021.09.28 07:20 StardustNova_ Teen Titans Raven vs Slade

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2021.09.28 07:20 Trail_Trees Broke my ankle out playing tonight, I'll be out of commission for awhile :(

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2021.09.28 07:20 why_should_i_care_12 Impeccable acting skills

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2021.09.28 07:20 SignalFire_Plae Unironically wish we got to see more costumes like these more often. I really like these classic looking suits more than the standard MCU ones, and I wish more people shared my opinion. I would 100% watch a movie and take it completely seriously if the heroes were all dressed like this.

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2021.09.28 07:20 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 07:20 unnamed887 How the CIA Tried to Overthrow New Zealand’s Progressive Labor Government by Stoking White Racial Rage Against the Indigenous Māori Population

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2021.09.28 07:20 Howamimeanttoknow Looking For Mcn

My Offer Is 200-300k (Can Add A Set)
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2021.09.28 07:20 MeanCompetition4044 Is it true that Bioware is going back to Unreal Engine instead of Frostbite?

That would actually make me interested in their games again, instead of me assuming its going to be disappointment at launch, because of issues developers had to fight with that should have never been an issue in the first place for a third party engine
I'll gladly pay an extra $3 to cover Epic's 5% royalty on a $60 game if it means the game itself is actually worth being excited about
If not, I'll go back to be disinterested and only buying them if I can get a used copy or substantially discounted
I'm a gamer, not a beta tester
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2021.09.28 07:20 OutcomeShoddy Dealing with a rape vitcum

I a reformed rapist is dating a girl is s rape vitcum. Any advice to make her feel comfortable. (I did it when i was in a gang at 14 and that was 15 years ago) she was raped last year both 29 working in tech. Advise please
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2021.09.28 07:20 chinoguy1 😍😍

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2021.09.28 07:20 FriendlyPain8454 [Friendship] 33F- Seeking friendship

Hello, everyone I'm a woman from Washington, D.C., and I just want someone who is kind, smart, good at learning, easy to talk to, and positive. I grew up in Hong Kong. I am an outgoing and thoughtful person, and active at the same time. Until my divorce, I got through the worst of it. I have a career, at least as far as I'm concerned. I am keen on fitness, travel, history, shopping, food and reading Reading and other interests. I like some news. I prefer to communicate more with friends in the US and Canada so that we can start seeing each other and having dinner as soon as the pandemic is over. What do you think? Nice to meet you, Pm me if you are interested
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2021.09.28 07:20 RELAXNMAXN Payday question?

Hi, I was wondering when you think I'll get paid, I started working on Monday, 9/16, my coworkers were paid that Wednesday, 9/22.
Are my hours from 9-16/9-22 and 9/23-9/29 all going to be on my paycheck on Wednesday 10/6? Or am I going to get one week only? I'm assuming I'll get what I worked my two weeks for on 10/6?
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2021.09.28 07:20 WardragonEDM Anybody know how to solve this really annoying bug with Xfer Serum in Fl Studio?

I am having an issue where Serum deletes most of my wavetable leaving only a few frames, making the patch sound different (doesn't happen while the project is open, only when i reopen it). I cannot find any setting related to this and I could not find a single other person experiencing this bug.
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2021.09.28 07:20 Archadianite Apparently, Big Nep is going Frame Arms in this new game

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