No FUT Division Rivals in US

2021.09.28 06:08 peppippopdq11 No FUT Division Rivals in US

Is it because of my setup or there is no one playing FUT division rivals ? I could not find an opponent in 20 min. I am in the US if that is relevant.
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2021.09.28 06:08 gran_autismo6969 Why is testosterone illegal/regulated so heavily?

I'm not trans, but I figured if anybody shared this frustration and had looked into it, transmen would. Estrogen isn't, so what gives?
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2021.09.28 06:08 favoredfire Levi's Character Motivations - A Deep Dive into the "Promise"

Levi's Character Motivations - A Deep Dive into the One of the most frustrating misinterpretations I see is that Levi is vengeful, fueled by revenge, and/or obsessed. It's not just annoying as an oversimplification of his character, it's an interpretation that leads to a lot of confusion- what I mean is that if you think Levi is motivated by revenge, well, it's a bit confusing that a) he gets to kill Zeke in the end, b) he's not narratively punished in a story that has an anti-revenge message, c) wanting to kill Zeke is not treated like a character flaw and even is framed as a good thing.
But the promise and Levi's broader attitude towards Zeke/declarations of intent to kill Zeke are completely unrelated to vengeance- and not even Levi's top priority. Levi hates Zeke, yes, but he's not ever depicted as going after him for revenge, or trying to "avenge" some prior action of Zeke's (like from RtS). It comes down to a few things:
  1. The promise isn't even revenge for Erwin's (or all the Survey Corps members in RtS) death(s)
  2. Levi is the only one stopping Levi from killing Zeke, he has several on panel opportunities presented to him - it's about why he chooses not to kill Zeke in those moments
  3. Zeke is not a past aggressor (like Annie, who is the aggressor in Female Titan arc but then an ally in the Rumbling), he's an active threat during these moments where Levi fixates on the promise
  4. We see Levi continuously push Zeke's buttons but it's for reasons not simply related to wanting to kill Zeke
Part I: What is the Promise About
I discussed this very high level here, but the fact is that the promise is about bringing meaning to Erwin and the Survey Corps' recruits deaths- they sacrificed their lives to give Levi the chance to eliminate the threat Zeke posed.
Levi promised Erwin, but Erwin didn't tell him to do that. Levi was trying to take responsibility for the guilt Erwin had by choosing to shoulder the burden of ordering everyone, from Erwin to the recruits, to their deaths.
Levi takes responsibility because Erwin had confessed his conflict, showed that Erwin wasn't quite able to follow through even though he wanted to, which Levi realized according to Isayama. Levi proposes this deal essentially: Erwin and the recruits will die and Levi will kill Zeke.
And we know Levi feels responsible:
The focus is specifically on Levi apologizing to the nameless recruits, not Erwin who he has a personal relationship with, just subordinates that Levi is unlikely to have ever spoken to. And he's apologizing because Levi is the one who "made the choice", these deaths are on Levi in his mind.
While Levi still considers it Erwin's command, that's because Erwin, as Commander, agreed and it was a plan that he executed, too, leading the charge and convincing the recruits. But in the end, Levi took responsibility for the charge, "made the choice", and demanded Erwin, and the recruits, die.
And in exchange, Levi had "vowed" to eliminate the threat Zeke posed and kill him. So while Erwin and the recruits held up their end of the "bargain" so-to-speak, Levi failed on his end.
It's not related to avenging them, it's about Levi's honor and principles in some ways- and I mean honor as in makoto and meiyo, some of the 8 virtues of Bushidō (samurai code basically). Much like Mikasa is a character who embodies Japanese virtues somewhat lost on a western audience, Levi has elements of this, too.
Makoto (誠): "honesty and sincerity"; "When Warriors say that they will perform an action, it is as good as done. Nothing will stop them from completing what they say they will do. They do not have to 'give their word.' They do not have to 'promise.'"
This is also why panels discussing Levi killing Zeke emphasize Levi "vowed" or "promised"- as a soldier, a warrior (no, not "Warrior"), he gave his word and then didn't deliver. This is also why when he's considering the vow in 136, he's dwelling on how he's never failed to execute Erwin's orders before. This is like his personal failing as a samurai soldier to his Commandethe broader Survey Corps mission.
In some respects, Levi is more easily understood when analyzed under the lens of a principled warrior from like samurai times- his virtues align pretty heavily with the bushido code.
The promise is his duty to Erwin, to the recruits, to his role as a soldier and Captain of the Survey Corps. They fulfilled their end of the bargain, and now Levi's left with the crushing guilt of failing his end and rendering their sacrifices meaningless. Which brings us to-
Part II: What's Stopping Levi from Killing Zeke
Levi has multiple opportunities to kill Zeke, he has him helpless numerous times and also beats him in every fight they have- but every time he would fulfill the promise, something stops him. Going through the opportunities-
  • The first: when Levi has subdued Zeke after the charge, he thinks that he "can't kill [Zeke]" because Zeke alive could allow Levi to save someone who charged, he thinks of Erwin at one point, but it's also clear by the thoughts that Levi is hopeful at least one person remains alive. Or, Levi chooses not to fulfill the vow because he'd prefer to hold off to save a comrade, save a life
  • After he chases Zeke down: Levi was exhausted as he pursued Zeke after killing all the titans and low on gas/blades, but Zeke was in far worse shape, Pieck is less of a fighter titan, and it's probable Levi could have pulled it off- we'll never know because Levi stops the pursuit as soon as Eren tells him Armin's breathing, and then he's distracted with serumbowl. Or, once again, prioritizing saving a life
  • Marley arc: Levi "fights" Zeke in Marley during the raid and Zeke later notes that he clearly wants to kill him, but Levi doesn't try anything because Zeke is supposedly an ally and Levi would be hurting Paradis by betraying the Volunteers, breaking the plan, ensuring that Paradis can't enact the Rumbling because there's no royal blood titan shifter available. Or, Levi prioritizes the greater good over any wants he has
  • Post-Titanization of Levi's Squad: in WfP, Zeke kills Levi's squad, betrays Paradis and Levi, is involved with Zackley's death, etc. but Levi doesn't kill him then because Levi needs Zeke alive, or else they'll kill Eren, not have access to the Rumbling and be "helpless" among other issues, etc. Or, Levi again prioritizes the greater good over his desire to fulfill the promise.
He has four chances to complete his promise on panel, and Levi keeps letting Zeke get away (as he views it) because preserving life is his priority over Zeke's death.
Because Levi's personal honor and guilt never take precedence over the mission and the greater good.
Unfortunately for Levi, by not killing Zeke, Levi lets Zeke continue his plans and actions that have catastrophic consequences. Just think of what Zeke's scream alone does (not even touching how his contact with Eren allows 80% of all life to be extinguished)- basically all of Paradis' military leadership is killed, including people Levi knew like Pixis and Nile, and of course, Levi's Squad of 30 he cared about.
This is also the irony of fans thinking Levi's promise is narratively a bad thing- pretty much every time Levi opts to not kill Zeke, aka not fulfill his promise, Zeke does something that indicates everyone may have been better off had Levi just killed him, despite Levi reasoning that he can't kill Zeke yet because then other lives would be lost. This is because-
Part III: Revenge for the Past vs. Stopping a Threat in the Present
Zeke's an active threat in all their conflicts. Levi's actions against Zeke, desire to kill him, are framed as a response to Zeke's current actions and status, not RtS/the past.
I think fans get confused because as time goes on, Zeke becomes more and more complex and sympathetic, but he's still an active antagonist to all the major characters. He's the "lesser evil" in terms of plans compared to Eren, but he's still aiming for genocide/stripping bodily autonomy of a race of people to wipe them out- and in pursuit of this goal, wracks up a huge body count that includes kids he mentored (Colt), innocents and civilians, etc. He's actively working against the main characters and is framed antagonistically up until his final moments.
That's one of the ways Isayama makes it obvious that Levi isn't after Zeke for revenge, isn't vengeful, because Levi is constantly responding to Zeke's escalating threat- Zeke keeps giving Levi more reasons to hate him and also more reasons to think that Zeke's deaths would save lives.
Here Levi is told A) Zeke is responsible for chaos, deaths of allies, etc. and is working against them/only pretending to be an ally, B) to get around Zeke's actions, Pixis/leadership has decided to kill Eren.
The last point is important because you can see Levi immediately think of the kid Eren was, the one he's known and mentored and saved, and despite everything in Liberio, someone he cares about on a personal level.
This is why Levi demands they kill Zeke- the alternatives are letting Zeke remain a threat and also killing Eren. As an added point, Eren's death is also something that Levi sees- much like letting Zeke slip away after all those who died in the RtS charge for the purpose of stopping Zeke- as making a mockery of previous sacrifices by his comrades.
Two of Levi's main character motivations are essentially, when boiled down, 1. preserve life and 2. honor the sacrifices of his comrades, so this is hitting him doubly hard- it'd kill someone he cares about and render previous sacrifices moot.
These are Levi's thoughts, we're not getting some sanitized version for others (as if Levi really engages in deception ever, brutal honesty is more his approach). And it makes two things clear:
  1. Levi was waiting to see if Zeke was their ally or enemy before doing anything- his emphasis on killing Zeke here is so that he can prevent Eren's planned death and Zeke's schemes/actions as an enemy of Paradis (and potential control of Eren)
  2. Levi was going to kill Zeke because it makes sense to now, would have meaning, bring meaning to the sacrifices of RtS; Levi is tying stopping Zeke's escalating threat (what Zeke is doing now) to the promise of the past so that those sacrifices can have a greater purpose, even if Levi didn't kill Zeke earlier
Outside of specific moments I went into into, what is stopping him most of the time is that the promise only makes sense in certain contexts (i.e. when Zeke is a threat) because otherwise it wouldn't be meaningful, it would just be to get back at Zeke for something he did (past tense) as opposed to what he's doing or will do (aka preventing more losses, serving some greater purpose now).
When Zeke and Levi are in the woods originally, riding in the carriage, all the time they spend together, Levi doesn't make a move because he's seeing if Zeke is really an enemy, which had just been confirmed before the panels above.
Part IV: Levi's Provocation
"But Levi keeps telling Zeke how much he hates him, how he plans to kill him, so obviously it was always Levi's plan and he just wants to kill him!!!!"
Levi spends a few panels mocking Zeke and telling him what he plans to do to him, which is not really characteristic of Levi, who is very calm and cool-headed and doesn't hold grudges really. Except the insults- but Levi insults everyone, from Erwin ("creepy guy") to Hange ("four eyes") to Mikasa ("gloomy brat"), politeness is hardly his forte.
But Levi's doing the taunting and probing for a couple reasons. One is just because he does hate Zeke and feels miserable that everyone in RtS sacrificed themselves and now Zeke is their supposed ally that Levi has to let live- what a mockery of their sacrifices staring at him in the face. They died to let Levi kill Zeke and now Levi's working with him. What a kick in the face for Levi's guilt over RtS. And when Levi feels powerless, he tends to try to regain control through intimidation because his strength is so tied to his value as a person.
But there's also an actual strategic purpose behind the taunts-
According to Zeke, Levi's been pushing him to talk about Ragako over and over, this is a conversation they've had several times and it's because of what Levi says, "Because I can see you don't carry a speck of guilt. I'm not sure if you really want to save Elidia or not... but I'm certain those people's lives meant nothing to you."
Levi is actively feeling Zeke out- he wants to get a sense of whether Zeke is actually on their side; every time he taunts him, he gets more and more of a sense that Zeke lacks empathy and remorse. Which makes sense given Zeke's character and trauma, and Levi's perceptive and a good judge of character in general (he's quick to point out that Eren was a "monster" irrespective of his titan power and wouldn't be caged in or ever submit even back in the Female Titan arc).
This is also why Levi doesn't trust Zeke; he can see Zeke isn't remorseful and that's why he's waiting to see if Zeke is actually on their side and taunting Zeke to get a better sense of who he is.
Appendix: the Promise- Levi's Character, How It's Framed, and the Value Levi-Zeke Narrative Foils
And Zeke is so contrary to Levi in this. Levi is someone very concerned about persevering life, it's the most important thing to him, it's his mission and why he keeps letting Zeke go as shown above-
Levi ties preserving life to ending the titan threat as he sees that as the way "all of humanity doesn't have to be damned". So that and the OG Survey Corps sacrifices really all go together.
This is also why Levi and Zeke are such strong foils to each other- because their interactions shine a light on each others' flaws, motivations,and arcs.
And Zeke exists as an obstacle in Levi's narrative to him accomplishing those things: "ending that nightmare", honoring his comrades' sacrifices, preventing unnecessary deaths, etc.
Beyond killing Zeke being tied to stopping the Rumbling, when Levi proposes it as an option in 133 before the final fight, it's still as an alternative to killing Eren because Levi (and the others) don't want to have to kill him.
Look at their faces at the bottom, they all want to believe there's another way. The five of them- Levi, Jean, Connie, and especially Armin and Mikasa- are the ones consistently involved with the "do we have to kill Eren" hesitations/debates because the others don't need to grapple with that choice (Reiner resolved to kill Eren a while ago as his enemy, Pieck never cared for Eren anyway, etc.)
Killing Zeke is used twice to illustrate how Levi doesn't want Eren to die, even proposing riskier or harder plans to accomplish this. As mentioned in Part III, this hits two aspects of Levi's motivations, he wants to:
  1. Honor the sacrifices of the past (with the charge, with protecting Eren,) ensure they had meaning
  2. Prevent losses of life (both here for the Rumbling and Eren's life as someone he cares about personally)
Going back to Part I, the bushido code and how it's a matter of personal honor, Levi letting his comrades down by failing his end of the bargain-
That's why Levi's promise is framed so positively, as something that Levi has to accomplish/a goal to reach and never getting called out by other characters as wrong, because it's portrayed as Levi overcoming the many obstacles stopping him from fulfilling his vow (injuries, pain, tough odds, bad luck, etc.), persevering despite how much easier it'd be for him to let it go and forget the sacrifices of the past.
Continued from the above frame
Isayama ties the promise to not just an alternative for killing Eren, but also the way it's framed here- Levi is vowing anew, he'll stop Zeke, aka stop the Rumbling, with the others' support despite the horrible condition he's in. Fighting through the pain essentially, resolving to keep fighting, with this idea that without Eren being able to access Zeke, the Rumbling will stop and save countless lives.
To be fair, this type of story (warrior's struggle to achieve the last oath he gave to his military commander, tied up with his personal honor because he gave his word and has never broken it, and fulfill his duty to his commander and fellow soldiers, to pay back a life debt of sorts and honor the sacrifices of the past) is not really something you find in western media often. More likely, it'd be critiqued and deconstructed into an obsession. That's why I think some readers missed what kind of story Isayama was portraying.
But that's why the promise is so crucial for Levi's character- it highlights the duty, loyalty, honor, honesty, etc. virtues of Bushido driving elements of Levi's story. It's used to show Levi fights through impossible odds and pain and personal losses to honor the sacrifices made and prevent loss of life. He is committed to honoring and remembering the sacrifices of the past- no matter how hard it is, no matter what obstacles are placed in his path.
Also in the end, Levi fulfilling his vow and killing Zeke is tied to not just restoring his "honor" but also Zeke's in some ways. Zeke was someone who spent most of his life killing people to achieve his goals, he took a lot of lives, but in his last choice, he saves so many. And Zeke is the one who calls out to Levi specifically.
Because Levi and Zeke are foils and complements who drive each other's arcs and have massive impact on each other
\I feel the need to point out that in 126, Hange says that Levi "must want revenge" in one translation; in another, it's stated as he "must have regrets". The sentiment isn't revenge, the actual Japanese word (無念 munen) is more about "remorse" or failure, as in Levi must feel regretful he let Zeke escape (unsurprisingly, given the above). It's a bit lost in translation.*
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2021.09.28 06:08 redditupf2 Help moving from Windows storage spaces

I have 8 * 8TB hdds and 2* 500gb SSDS in a tiered mirrored storage space on Windows 10 currently.
It is partitioned into 2* 10TB virtual disks each assigned to a VM, and around 5TB for camera storage.
I was wondering what is the best way for me to migrate to ZFS?
I only have about 8TB total in use, so I was wondering if theres a way to use 1* 8TB drive as a temporary storage for all the data while creating the ZFS pool, and then add it in afterwards? Will I be able to adjust the storage pool like that?
Also I want to set up tiered storage with ZFS... but one of my SSDS is at 60% health and I'm worried it will be hard to swap out. If an ssd fails would it mess up my entire thing or would it be able to run with just one good SSD?

Thanks guys :)
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2021.09.28 06:08 testthrowaway00 36[M4R]River Legacy Arlington

I will be going to River Legacy park tonight, off 157...the exit gate is always open! Once there, I'll finnding me a nice place to park, getting in the passenger side or backseat of my car, stripping naked, and masturbating tonight. Probably around 1 or 130 TONIGHT, I would love to have someone(s) to put on a show for, maybe some groping, and even light play if you'd like. Perhaps some mutual showing and playing? I would love to find a m/f couple but I'm ok with singles. I would love a group of people, especially if there were a few females in the group! I'm looking to do as little as naked masturbation in front of someone else and as much as you'd like, I have few limits. Anyone need to message here or even comment, no kik, WhatsApp, or any of that, just upvote this, or don't, and show up! Hopefully I'll see you there!
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2021.09.28 06:08 bunnie618 if you’re a girl 16-18 dm me i need help

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2021.09.28 06:08 reality-cucumber What mod makes the water on kerbin look so good

I've been watching some of matt lownes vids and I wanted to use the same mod that makes the ocean waves look super realistic but I don't know what it is called can someone tell me?
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2021.09.28 06:08 Permatheus How can it be okay for me to enjoy seeing animals fighting?

On one hand it’s amazing and beautiful to see how God created these animals and their abilities give glory to God because nature gives glory to God. At the same time though it’s sad that these animals are getting hurt and even possibly getting killed painfully. Just wondering what you guys think
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2021.09.28 06:08 zekioyalafiasco Bay leaves are stupid and add no flavor to food.

I said what I said
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2021.09.28 06:08 Ortoziye Киберказаки и Роскомнадзор посторонитесь: губернатор ХМАО открывает охоту на смыслы в Сети

Наталья Комарова поручила осуществлять выборку опасных слов, предложений и намерений в соцсетях. По ее мнению, это меры по усилению кибербезопасности в регионе в связи с участившимися случаями стрельбы в школах.
«Нужно ещё раз за рабочий стол посадить психологов и специалистов в области IT-технологий», - заявила глава Югры. Более того, она хочет активизировать взаимодействие своей кибердружины с прокуратурой и контрольно-надзорными органами. Вот это коллаборация намечается...
Ситуация неоднозначная: инициатива по массовому контролю людей, конечно, может помочь избежать таких происшествий, но вот есть ли у Комаровой такие полномочия, чтобы устраивать тотальную слежку?
Да и потом, выборкой опасных слов уже занимается Роскомнадзор. Значит ли это, что он не справляется, раз появляются такие инициативы на местах?
Даже если и так, где гарантии, что власти одного региона смогут реализовать эту систему лучше?
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2021.09.28 06:08 RagingHomo_DaPenis Dog Park Karen issued a statement through a PR company and claims there was no intended racial undertones.

“My reference to ‘back to your hood’ only referred to another dog park outside of this neighborhood park,” Sarley said in a statement provided to The Post.
“I was frustrated and upset, but to be clear – I had no intended racial undertones in my comments whatsoever. I said it because it’s an unstated rule at our local park that when a dog is being aggressive, owners immediately remove them so it can be a calm, welcoming environment for everyone else.
“However, I fully understand how my words could’ve been interpreted and I deeply wish I had chosen them more carefully,” she said. “A brief and thoughtless moment in my life has now led to nationwide outrage and hurt. For that, I am sorry.”
In the statement, issued through a public-relations firm, Sarley said she absolutely accepts responsibility for “how I could have handled things differently in that moment.”
Sarley also claimed that she never threatened to call the police during the confrontation, as she was accused of doing, nor went on “a tirade.
“As the dog owners followed me down the street with the phone camera on, I was filled with some panic because I’ve never been in an altercation like this and reacted in an inappropriate way,” she said. “That’s what you witnessed on that tape.
“I’ve lived in New York City for a decade, my Brooklyn neighborhood and dog park is extremely diverse, something I truly love about this city, and I never meant for my words to contribute to pain for anyone,” she added. “I truly hope we can find understanding and a peaceful resolution to this, for everyone involved.”
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