2021.09.28 07:20 EverythingIsFine08 meme

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2021.09.28 07:20 boburmirzo_ Habit > A physicist's brain devoid of emotion and baffled only by scientific theories. What makes him human? A dumb habit, perhaps?

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2021.09.28 07:20 xponentialdesign DOTmatrixᵀᴹ Triangle Tunnel RED 🟥

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2021.09.28 07:20 claudmonkey Choosing a new major (art or psychology)

I’m trying to pick a new major that makes me happy and that I will be happy doing. Im currently a sophomore nursing student. I chose it because it’s what my parents wanted me to do, it was their dream for me and all i’ve wanted is for them to be proud of me. The past few months i’ve really started to stand up for myself and grow. I’ve realized that nursing isn’t my dream and i don’t want to get a degree and job that makes me miserable. There’s two things i’ve been struggling between, which are becoming a therapist or becoming an art teacher. Both of these careers are something i feel passionately about. My therapist and my high school art teacher have made the biggest impact on my life. My art teacher was so sad when i was graduating and she found out i chose nursing, she kept telling me to go to art school and and to make a portfolio, but I was determined on making my parents proud. My therapist has also told me that i am a very compassionate, caring, tender and empathetic person. That i would be an amazing therapist if that’s what i wanted to do. I would be able to relate and help a lot of people that are or went through similar hardships. Both a psychology and art degree i feel would make me happy. I want to know what each job is like and what schooling is like to get there. I was hoping some people from both jobs could tell me their personal experiences in it, both bad or good.
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2021.09.28 07:20 TenshiHimSelf I can finally die in peace and say "I was there"

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2021.09.28 07:20 NovaForceElite [US-MD] [H] PayPal [W] Saturn 60 Utilitarian Plate

Prefer aluminum, but steel is fine too.
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2021.09.28 07:20 SzegedNewsBotka Éleslövészetet tartanak a lőtéren

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2021.09.28 07:20 KraminoftARG 🌩️ 8 hours of rain and thunder sounds of nature to relax, sleep or study [08:00]

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2021.09.28 07:20 otakugo My Hero Academia Chapter 328: Ngày phát hành & Spoiler

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2021.09.28 07:20 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 07:20 karlfr Thinking of switching to homekit

So I'm an avid Google home user. I love my hubs which have been the main reason for my huge investment in to the Google ecosystem.
With the doorbell, cameras, Google tv and a multitude of lights sensors etc I'm pretty happy with my set up. But.... Like any of the choices there are a few things that are just missing.
The one thing that made me think was seeing how on homekit you can have your doorbell or camera notifications pop up on apple tv. This is actually why I got the Google tv so quick as I was under the impression this would also be the case with the nest hello. Apple seem to have really invested in there smart home system a lot in the last 12 months and I feel all they need is a smart display and I would actually just jump ship with no issues
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2021.09.28 07:20 Nicklee103 Move the Music like Magik

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2021.09.28 07:20 Pawxboxpc_126 I need some help with figure out my sexuality.

So i wanna say that i am a guy and i had labeled myself gay last year but i have been having thoughts about women but I don't want thoughts like that. I know that i am attracted to guys but i just feel that i am not attracted to women. I have been having a hard time with my sexuality.
Can anyone give me advice on it? Am i gay? Am i bi? Am i bi curious?
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2021.09.28 07:20 Positive_Iron2214 Purple guys in pacific north west

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2021.09.28 07:20 camperbot1 So what’s with all the dudes in suits around campus?

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2021.09.28 07:20 cookieoutsidethejar First time outdoor sports climbing

I recently took an outdoor course on lead climbing which included lessons on lead belaying, lead climbing, and cleaning the route. I know how to top rope belay but didn't take an outdoor course for setting up a top rope or rappelling. So now I'm wondering if I'm missing key skills to get started on outdoor climbing. A few of my key questions are:

  1. How do I set up a top rope anchor if I can walk up to the top of the route? I mean I can set up the anchor once I'm there, but how do I safely start without possibly falling off?
  2. Once I set up the top rope anchor, is it ok to put the ropes through and drop it? Then set up the rest of the quick draws during the first climb?
  3. I was taught to create the top anchor by using two quickdraws with the bottom carabiners facing opposite ways. What's the difference between that and using slings to create the top anchor?
  4. If I use quickdraws as the top anchor, should I use locking top and bottom carabiners? Or is it fine to use just the non- locking carabiners if there's two of them facing opposite directions?
  5. Do i need to know how to rappel before I start climbing outdoors on my own (without guides)? I'm only planning to do shorter single pitch climbs for now. I eventually want to learn how to rappel, but I don't wanna learn too much at once and forget everything.
  6. Is there anything else I need to know before I start practicing without a guide?
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2021.09.28 07:20 ThePhotographer530 What month is it again

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2021.09.28 07:20 faaaa1b ForeverRich | Rebase token | Launched few hours ago | x100 | Big marketing coming

Did you miss out on ForeverFomo, ForeverHype, Gravity Token, GravitX? Well you've got the chance to get in early on a token that uses the same concept but with an improved contract to handle the current small struggles these tokens are having. Plus we're having a fair stealth launch to avoid bots. We've made the changes necessary to have healthy tokenomics and a Blast-Off chart 🚀🚀🚀
What is a Rebase?
A price-elastic token, or a rebase token, is one where a project's total token supply is not fixed, but instead automatically adjusts to market coniditions.
These token supply adjustements, called "rebases" take place per market demand and are done in such a way that user's proportional holdings ultimately don't change and thus aren't diluted. Rebases are performed per a specific target price, with the idea being a token's nominal price will steadily be moved over time towards it's target, in our case, towards the moon 🚀 🌛
Different then just a normal pegged token or stablecoin, rebases make price-elastic tokens into synthetic commodities with fluctuating values and supplies that gradually stabilize. Ultimately, rebases are designed to be tradable and potientally extremely profitable.
Future of ForeverRich:
We have extensively tested our project on the testnet. There has been a lot of testing going on pre-launch. This is a fair stealth launch. Our buy/sell tax is going to be lower than most reward tokens avalaible, this will help the projects longevity. We plan to be a better version of stablecoins and altcoins mixed together, for many years to come.
5% Liquidity Fee 5% Marketing Fee 1% Buyback 1% Ecosystem
Website: Telegram: Twitter:
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2021.09.28 07:20 duhhh_itsmya First post on the Reddit twins #femaleofdeo

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2021.09.28 07:20 KioKH I drew Yae in hope she comes home

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2021.09.28 07:20 TheRoach Addiction-related brain areas examined across species explain some substance use disorders in humans

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2021.09.28 07:20 Commercial_Rope9673 Looking to do raids

I have been playing destiny for awhile and want to start doing raids. I am pretty well verse for anything and willing to make time. PSN name -SafizesSpirits9
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2021.09.28 07:20 Sarazar Legion 5 Pro 3070 - problems connecting to external monitor

I have a Legion 5 Pro 3070. I have the official Lenovo USB-C to DisplayPort adapter and a DisplayPort cable to my monitor ASUS PG278Q (1440p, 144hz, 1 x DisplayPort).
It was working for like a day (just got the adapter)... then it decided to stop working. I reseated all ends of the cables/adapter, tried both USB-C ports on the laptop, restarted, updated the BIOS, tried booting with hybrid mode off and on, nothing seems to work anymore. Tried plugging monitor into my desktop PC via DisplayPort and it works fine.
Any suggestions?
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2021.09.28 07:20 STL_Miniversum This time it's a steam locomotive setup with a caboose. :)

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2021.09.28 07:20 shannoncooper1961 Planets and other art.

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